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Seknova Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Seknova is a medical start-up of medical-grade IoT technology that continuously monitors physiological parameter using special measurement technology. Our solution can help sub-healthy group and diabetic patients to continuously monitor blood glucose data without pain, and the measured data is transmitted to iOS and Android apps in real time and uploaded to the cloud platform, so that patients and medical staff can fully understand the data and achieve the purpose of diabetes management.

Simple, painless and affordable micro-needle sensor accurately measures interstitial fluid glucose data under the skin and converts it into blood sugar levels that can be worn for more days.

A personalized smartphone app that provides readings high frequency and clear target reminders, including trend arrows and trend graphs to confirm blood sugar levels are rising, falling or stabilizing.


Established in 1981, Semiflor Co. Ltd. is an indoor flooring specialist in Taiwan for 40 years. Semiflor offers a complete flooring solutions, partnering with global flooring manufacturers with the core of "sustainable and health". In the past 40 years, Semiflor has been cooperated with major hospitals and nursing houses in Taiwan to create a healthy and comfortable medical space.


SEN JEWEL protective paste is formulated to adhere to mucous tissue and provide relief pain of the mouth.

SGS Taiwan Ltd

SGS provides professional services for customers throughout the supply chain in the complex medical equipment market, including Training, Testing and Verification solutions for medical devices and software, and Certification service for quality systems. 

Knowledge       MDR, MDSAP, UKCA, 3P510K, ISO 13485 certification and training
Health Industry Services Biocompatibility study, Microbiological testing, Toxicological assessment, Cleaning/ Disinfection/ Sterilization validation
Digital Trust Lab     Cybersecurity test and training services
Safety & Optics Lab   Electrical safety testing and certification, Optical product testing
EMC Lab    Electro-Magnetic Compatibility testing
Wireless Lab   International Type Approval services for wireless device, Logo and antenna performance testing.
Hardline Lab      Usability evaluation, Transit & package materials, Implants, PPE & aids
Reliability Lab      Software validation, Alarm system, Lithium batteries, Reliability tests
RSTS Service   Restricted substances testing - CMR, REACH, RoHS, WEEE, etc.


Build the township Lin Shilin official residence to become "the only medical park in Taiwan" Building address: No. 476, 478, Section 5, Zhongshan North Road, Shilin District, Taipei City (Buildings B and C) Base area: 3762.72㎡ (1138.22 ping) Use partitions: specific business district Building scale: Four floors underground, eight floors above ground Building height: 29.8m B4F~B2F: 3.2m, B1F: 3.95m 1F: 5m, 2F~8F: 3.5m Building construction: Building Construction: SRC Lead Core Rubber Shock Absorber (LRB) - 38 Groups Sliding Bearing - 11 Groups Damper - 6 groups Number of planned households: 21 general offices, 3 storefronts, and 143 parking spaces Planned Pings: Building B (2nd to 8th floor) 1538 ping, Building C (1st to 8th floor) 1940 ping Postulate ratio: about 36%

Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

DigiPath Slide Scanner:
Based on the high demand of professional interpreters in pathology and immune serum examination. The DigiPath Slide Scanner of Shuz Tung is to solve the problem of clinical scientist shortage. DigiPath Slide Scanner can provide digital slide fluorescence scanning with auxiliary Helicobacter pylori automatic detection and marker. The digital Slide image generated by DigiPath Slide Scanner is stored in the cloud to assist physicians in multi-consultation. Shuz Tung are committed to research and development to integrate domestic industry and medical cross-professional cooperation.


Microfluidic Products, Droplet Generation Pack, Pressure Controllers(Low/medium/high/Hydraulic pressure), Flow Controllers Temperature Controllers,Flowmeters, Vacuum Gauges,Pressure Gauges,LevelMeters Temperature and Humidity, Leak Detectors,Data Recorders, Air Quality Analysis Gas Detection, Gas Analysis, DewPoint Moisture Analysis

Smart Ageing Tech Co., Ltd.

Jubo is one of Asia's largest tech companies dedicated to the market of senior care. It has developed holistic solutions and software systems via a team of multidisciplinary experts in mobile technology, user experience research, data science, and spatial design. Since 2019, Jubo has served its solutions to over 600 care centers taking more than 30% of the market share in Taiwan. With awards in innovation and registered patents worldwide, Jubo continues to deepen its technology capability. Headquartered in Taipei, Jubo is now expanding across the Asia Pacific and the North American region.


Smart Motion Control Co., Ltd. (SMMC) was founded in 2003 and was a distributor in automation industry. By co-working with foreign engineers in Japan/the U.S./South Korea/China who develop the higher-performance automatic devices and control systems, in 2010 we started development processes for various motion/automation related products such as torque control stepping servo
systems, closed loop/open loop control systems, controllers/drivers/stepper motors, electric cylinders, linear/rotary actuators, alignment stages, brakes/gear reducers, etc.

Smart-LINKx Biotech Co., Ltd.

1. Dental Navigation System, first surgical navigation for dentistry received FDA approval.
2. MetaScope WEARABLE SCOPE, World’s First Wearable Scope, MetaSCOPE is a revolutionary medical device that combines a high-performance magnifying camera with Eyes Up Display technology.