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Southern Taiwan Science Park Bureau, National Science and Technology Council

There are over 87 tenant companies in the iBioMed Cluster of the Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), one of the largest research and development sites of advanced biomedical technologies in Taiwan, creating billions (NT$) of production values each year, with an annual growth rate over 15%.


The result will demonstrate our cord blood-derived NK cells with high antibody affinity which combine monoclonal antibody drug treatment in cancer cells via in vitro and in vivo study


Medical mask


Environmental Cleaning Products Smart medical products Healthy and Nutritious Meals Smart Remote Care System

SYSTEX Corporation

*Patient Oriented Medical Resource Planning

Facing the aging society and the impact of COVID-19, the healthcare needs to consider different health levels and field applications. Syspower Corporation of SYSTEX Group has been working on digital technology, ensuring medical treatments, nursing, and health data(medical professional and hospital systems) connect directly into our patient’s home for immediate care and service.

In addition, these new capabilities comply with FHIR to build a PO-MRP (Patient-Oriented Medical Resource Planning) with cross-sectoral and consistent features. This new way of connecting with our patients helps to decentralize hospital healthcare services allowing us to provide precision nursing, better promote healthy activities, allow patients to better resist the impacts of aging while also Natural history of decreasing management service. In short, it creates a patient-oriented healthcare ecosystem.

*Hololens2 Remote Assistance Solutions

Remote collaboration has been a crucial issue for healthcare workers. Imagine a scenario that a junior doctor is investigating on patient’s wound while asking for help from senior doctors at remote location and checking X-ray films simultaneously. The troubling process would cause the doctor on site impossible to focus on the real deal – taking good care of the patient.

HoloLens 2, the most refined and powerful Mixed Reality device nowadays, empowers people on site to communicate with remote experts with 3D visual aid without having their eyesight blocked, which is the ultimate definition of blending virtual and reality.

HoloLens 2 helps people connect with others, watch 3D MRI, access key information, execute medical care all at once. No more waste on seeking patient’s data or getting hands occupied. The patients would be left in better hands thanks to the cutting-edge technology.


TA-MOU Precision IND. CO., LTD

Medical Device Parts, made by grinders, three-axis, five-axis CNC milling machines, lathes, EDM machines.

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

1. It is verified that the Bluetooth ear-hook physiological wearable device of Shangyue Technology, a partner manufacturer, is superior to traditional blood oxygen and heart rate detection medical devices in dynamic signal evaluation.
2. In addition to the two physiological signals of blood oxygen and heart rate, it is verified that the Bluetooth ear-hook physiological wearable device of Shangyue Technology can also detect three signals such as blood pressure, ear temperature, and blood perfusion with highly stable signal during dynamic continuous detection.
3. To develop dynamic gait speed, center of gravity and 3D image stability together with the collaborating team Professor Jun-Lin, Wu.
4. To verify the consistency of 3D images of walking and routine walking examinations with Professor Jun-Lin, Wu.
5. The integration of the two dynamic detection technologies can be developed into a new cardiopulmonary capacity test item, and developed into a routine diagnosis and care evaluation.

Taigama Biotech INC.,Ltd

“TGM” liquid wound Protection Spray Using nanotechnology, innovative Chinese herbal medicine formulas combined with deep ocean water combined with microcapsule technology, can quickly reduce inflammation and heal wounds, make the wound appear breathable and non-irritating, and simultaneously provide a protective layer to the wound during the process of repairing the wound to block the risk of infection from the outside world


1. Solecheck
2. Shoe sole cleaner
3. Caster Wheel Cleaner
4. Micro Magic Mat
Provide the best clean improvement plan for the indoor environment, mainly used in the electronics industry, semiconductor industry, LCD, PCB industry, medical biotechnology, etc., special equipment for clean rooms.