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Taiwan Instrument Research Institute, National Applied Research Laboratories

TIRI is the only organization that can provide advancedinstrumentation research and related instrument system innovationsfor the fields, including science, engineering, biomedical andagricultural science, etc. By holding the belief of “Drive TechnologyInnovation to Promote Academic Research,” TIRI assists the industry,academia and research organizations with instrument technologysolutions and innovative application services. It is also the firstorganization to offer one-stop services for medical devicesdevelopment, consultation, test and verification. Serving as anational dream team, TIRI is dedicated to assisting the academia in commercializing their creative ideas. Introductions of accelerators and start-up teams, with their products and achievements.


The Taiwan Medical Services Corporation was founded in 1998 and engages in the agenting and sales of medical equipment and consumable material used by emergency and intensive care units of hospitals. The company operates on the principle of "Integrity / Commitment / Sustainable Growth and Improvement". Its professional team provides customers with the best services.
In this exhibition, we exhibited a full range of Mindray medical monitors and BeneFusion infusion system.

Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute, NARLabs

We use semiconductor materials and micro-electromechanical manufacturing technology to achieve miniaturized gas sensor, and combine to precious metal catalysis and micro-structure manufacturing technology to optimize the accuracy of the sensors. In addition, we integrate multiple sensors, through 3D technology using packaging integration to achieve miniaturized, multi-function sensor modules with smart algorithms. This sensor technology will help increase the efficiency of real-world biomedical engineering, environmental, and industrial application.

Taiwan Union of Nurses Association (TUNA)

Smart Nursing, thoughtful caring for the life of all ages
Taiwan Union of Nurses Association (TUNA):
From newborn to school age, adolescence to young adulthood, middle and old age to the end of life, nursing is caring and close to your heart. When the world faces infectious diseases, social changes of aging and low birthrate, health care is moving towards diversification. The nursing profession combines artificial intelligence and technological innovation and provides convenience, timeliness, continuity, and integrity of care in the smart era.

1. By combining nursing with smart technology, nursing academia and clinical practice teams jointly demonstrate nursing technology development and innovation through the exhibition platform. Information technology is used to create a friendly nursing workplace, integrate data, simplify nursing procedures, and improve nursing efficiency. With scientific and technological innovation, it provides health monitoring and health education management and strengthens nursing holistic care.

2. We sincerely invite medical institutions, medical groups, nursing supervisors, nurses, teachers, and students to visit the booth of this joint exhibition. Together we can explore the era of smart technology, apply nursing and information technology, and provide quality care. So that the nursing spirit of caring for life for all ages can be achieved.


ADC (Automated Dispensing Cabinet) /Expandable Pharmaceutical Management System /Smart Dispensing Counter

ThinkCloud Technology Co., Ltd.

ThinkCloud creates SelfieSign which is a new e-signature solution for better security. SelfieSign recording the signing process of each signer in every e-document makes the e-signatures non-repudiable because we care about the transparency of e-signature. SelfieSign streamlines the signing process and authenticates the signatures to help you boost efficiency, lower costs, and avoid risks of frauds and disputes.

Trade-Van Information Services Co.



Laser Light Therapy Apparatus、Laser Phototherapy Device、Medical Headlight、Laser Therapy Apparatus of Rhinitis、UV Light Phototherapy Device

Transverse Industries Co., Ltd.

Laser Light Therapy Apparatus、Laser Phototherapy Device、Medical Headlight、Laser Therapy Apparatus of Rhinitis、UV Light Phototherapy Device


TRICOR products are highly accurate and reliable, and are commonly used in dosing and drip-type medical products. Tricore has developed experiences over various products such as Insulin pump, air pump, infusion pump, medicine packing machine and medical motor.