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AcroViz Inc.

AcroViz Axonal Brain Age examination service is the first-to-market medical SaaS (Software as a Service) for brain health, which provides accurate and objective assessment that evaluate cognitive decline before symptoms appear, allowing timely effective intervention to prevent dementia. Aging of brain involves changes in neurons and axons that lead to the decline of cognitive functions. AcroViz develops novel age-based dementia grading and predicting model by examining microscopic brain axonal integrity. The technology has demonstrated that brain predicted age difference (PAD), i.e. Axonal Brain Age contrasted with the individuals’ chronological ages, is able to predict clinical dementia rating change. AcroViz has deployed this unique service to cloud platform for its elasticity.The examination provides the Axonal Brain Age of whole brain fiber tracts, and eight cognitive function networks highly related to dementia, including long-term episodic memory & emotion, long-term semantic memory network, long-term semantic memory network, working memory, attention, language, visual and sensorimotor networks. AcroViz’s technology is able to offer more specific and complete evaluation of brain axon degeneration to doctors, drug developers, care givers and individuals for better monitoring and treatment decision. AcroViz works with clinics and hospitals for preventive health-check, as well as pharma or medical device companies on various clinical studies.

Acura Tech Limited Taiwan Branch

Custom Interconnection Solutions
* Electrosurgical Cables, Medical device, Medical Accessories/ RFA, Catheter, Wires.
* Patient Monitoring / SPO2 Probe/ Electrophysiology.
* Diagnostic Medical endoscope Camera Assembly and working channels.
* PEEK, Silicon ,PEBAX ,TPU ,PVC Tube Extrusion, single -lumen, Co-Extruding ,Multi-Lumen, Coiled-tubing, Metal Reinforced Tubing.
* ISO 13485, FDA, Clean Room Manufacturing.

Advanced ACE Biotek Co., Ltd

Eagle Park 100 Smart Ophthalmology Recording System The traditional ophthalmology examination process contains medical records delivered to the examination room by human resources. After that, the thermal paper that printed the prescription will be pasted on the medical records. However, the process is time-consuming and cannot be maintained forever. The Eagle Park 100 system uses an iPad to connect to an ophthalmic instrument. The system can also be logged in by a health insurance card or scan a patient's number. The system will link the patient list directly. The iPad will show patient information and examination data. To achieve data digitalization and be paperless, printing out thermal paper is needless. In the clinic, the doctor can review examination data from the system directly. To combine with Uniiform Smart Handwriting System of desktop or iPad, the examination data and analysis result will be directly uploaded to the server for preservation. The paper scan is needless. In this way, this saves the cost and time for medical staff.

Advanced Connection Technology Inc.

Provide cell therapy company, one-stop serial integration services, including clinical intermediation, digital GTP facility services, value-added cell therapy technology development through various high-tech equipment, and shorten the development time.


Advancharis is first company in Taiwan offer complete total solution for hospital or Radiopharmacutical company to set up Theranostics production facility. For the theranostic, Advancharis not only offer design and facility setup but also completely document setup and training even production material supply and radioisotope labeling and synthesis , All the requirements for pharmaceutical Audit are jobs for Advancharis.
Advancharis are distributors for Bruker Eckert & Ziegler, Isotopia, Tema Sinegie, all are famous in the world, with unbeatable service capability fulfill less than 5% downtime record for all research and production requirements.
Advancharis focus on the newest theranostic for patients, willing for all opportunity for cooperation form research to clinical.


With the increased complexity of surgical procedures, several factors including the use of diverse image sources, lack of surgical techniques storage systems, and external communication difficulties are reducing the efficiency of operating room workflows. Advantech’s AVAS solutions support real-time image and video streaming, centralized control, remote teaching and consultation, and cloud-based management in order to streamline operating room workflows and improve overall efficiency.

aetherAI Co., Ltd.

aetherAI is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for digital pathology transformation, AI-powered diagnostic support systems, and biopharma enterprise services. By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, aetherAI solutions, including digital pathology system, AI-powered workflow, AI applications, etc. aim to ease the burden on healthcare professionals and improve diagnostic imaging quality.

aHOP Co. Ltd.

aHOP CO., LTD helped lots of Taiwanese hospitals successfully adopting UDI system for enhancing medical device management. We offer completed UDI adopting program, professional consultant and series of training for medical staffs and medical device suppliers.
aHOP collaboration is established based on the concept of single platform and sharing economy. Through the system architecture of “passive cloud solution”, it develops data establishment on the webpage at the supplier side and transmits it to all of the cooperating hospitals for necessary use.
aHOP provides its professionalism in automatic identification(barcode) and acts as the bridge between hospitals and suppliers. It coordinates the collaboration and cooperation between hospitals and suppliers and establishes item UDI code for medical device and hospital application mode. aHOP collaboration platform promotes the correctness and availability of information related to UDI and the hospitals and suppliers are data builders as well as the beneficiary when using the data.

all the way through international co.ltd

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