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Digibionic LIFESTYLE CO., LTD.

【Introduction to Yuanjian Hearing Aid Brand】
The vision of the brand "Digibionic LIFESTYLE CO., LTD." (stock code: 7574) is to create Taiwan with "zero hearing impairment".

Digibionic has 43 stores in various counties and cities in Taiwan, and is committed to becoming a professional hearing aid sales channel, hoping to make the people feel at ease to consume!
It is recommended that you visit the Digibionic Hearing Organ Network: https://www.digibionic.com/ to learn more about the Digibionic family!

【Mimitakara Hearing Aid-Introduction to Cloud Hearing Aid】
In 2019, Digibionic developed the first Taiwan-made cloud-based hearing aid in cooperation with the domestic excellent manufacturer "DIGISINE ENERGYTECH CO., LTD." ─ This series includes three types of models: "Ear Hook, In-Ear, and Ear Canal". They also provide functions such as "Bluetooth connection, APP remote control, self-detection function of hearing health, user self-adjustment of hearing aids, remote consultation with hearing care experts, and appointment of hearing experts to adjust at home", which greatly reduces the probability of users rushing to the store for adjustment, has become a very popular new product in Taiwan's hearing aid industry!

Ding Fong Scientific Co.,Ltd

Ding Fong Scientific Co.,Ltd was established in 2014 and is committed to providing lab equipment, lab reagents, and professional services in life science. The agency brands include MGI and BGI NGS systems, automatic equipment and solutions, FORMULATRIX liquid handling system, IronMag Circulating Tumor Cell detection system, and Vazyme lab reagents and consumables. We are also dedicated to exploring domestic or foreign potential products or solutions to contribute to the development of Taiwan's biotechnology industry.


Dioshy was established since 1999. “To be the most professional supplier within Thermoplastic Elastomers territories”" was the commitment that set up from the beginning. What Dioshy offers to the markets are the most consistent TPEs. Dioshy are composed of professional and highly passionately members who possessed the latest concepts in material technologies. Dioshy has the most advanced manufacturing" testing and experimental facilities; also offers customized and versatile TPEs to the markets. We treat every case with professional" cautious and innovating attitude" since the first contact with clients. Specialization" efficiency and creation are our team spirits; consistence quality" good service and well credit make us stronger; the fulfillment from clients will be our biggest achievement. Headquarters of Dioshy is located in Taichung City" Taiwan. We persist in manufacturing in Taiwan then have worldwide selling to assure our quality. Nowadays" we sell our products to not only domestic markets (Taiwan) but also other Asian areas. Except our Taiwan offices (north" central and south)" we also stretched our sales representatives to the following regions:South & East Asia: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)" Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) and Thailand (Bangkok).North & East Asia: South Korea (Seoul).China: Guangdong Province (Dongguan City)" Fujian Province (Xiamen City).In the coming future" we will be more aggressive to develop markets in Eastern China" Northern China and Japan. To complete marketing coverage for Asia-Pacific is one of our successive plans.


Ditech Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. The main sales force is the sales of various testing reagents and instruments in clinical laboratories.

Diwei Industrial Co., Ltd.

Healthcare Cart and Healthcare Arm

Double Eagle Enterprise Co., Ltd

Lab instruments Centrifuge, Pharmaceutical/Vaccine refrigerators and freezers, LN2 containers for sample storage, magnetic stirrers.

Dr.Plant Co.,Ltd

Dr.Plant through “precise nutrition control technology” develops functional fruits and vegetables used in chronic disease management or preventive medicine. The low- potassium fruits and vegetables have been successfully cultivated to solve the issues that patients with kidney disease cannot eat high-potassium fruits and vegetables. The product, Chromium-rich vegetables and fruits, which is rich in natural chromium and nutrients. Chromium is one of the glucose tolerance factors(GTF). It maintains the normal metabolism of carbohydrates and fats in human. It can help diabetic patients and weight control groups to get beneficial nutrients in their diet control.
In the future, Dr.Plant will continue to develop functional fruits and vegetables, construct a healthy life from the perspective of precise nutrition.

Drsignal BioTechnology co., Ltd

DrSignal BioTechnology Co., Ltd. is a biotech-company which leads the world in building an automated cell production line and providing CDMO services as our main business model. The current relevant manufacturers are either the manufacturers that only develop and sell automated machines, or the manufacturers that only provide cell culture OEM services with traditional GTP laboratories. The major difference between DrSignal BioTechnology Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers is the integration of automated production line and AI-assisted manufacture to meet growing demand of better cell quality and quantity.