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GeneTex International Corporation

GeneTex’s rAb protocol employs a multi-parameter FACS-based approach to isolate antigen-specific IgG+ memory B cells from an immunized animal, with subsequent cloning of the antibody variable-region genes into an IgG backbone and expression in mammalian cells. This protocol is very rapid and can be completed in weeks, and also affords the opportunity to identify antibodies with diverse capabilities in various applications. Importantly, it allows cloning of the heavy and light chains from the same B cell, thereby preserving natural pairing. And once cloned, the supply of a given rAb is inexhaustible with exceptional reproducibility.

Genomics Bio.Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.

Genomics was founded in 2001 by Dr. T.Y. Chow, a student of Dr. Frederick Sanger who was twice the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The company uses “Genomics” as the name to establish a genomic research platform, mainly providing professional technological services. Genomics is Taiwan's biggest commercial genome sequencing company, with a solid foundation of existing technical services, to develop precision medical genetic testing to realize personalized medical information.


The Giant Group consists of the Giant Group Law Firm, the Giant Group International Patent, Trademark & Law Office, and the Giant Group Certified Public Accountant. Well engaged in the general corporate practice including civil litigation, criminal litigation, company investment, banking and finance, labor and employment, patent, trademark, copyright, trade secrets and other fields.



Global Vision International Co.Ltd.

Global V Multifunctional service robot 5G is already here, Global Vision introduced six differents smart multifunctional service robots for being your best AI partner. Each robot has different features depends on your own needs and requirements. Features of Global V ROBOTICS: -Delivers differentiation and innovation between the same trade -No timing restriction for working -Providing high quality Standardized service to customer Global V ROBOTICS - Your best AI partner.

Golden Grande Corp

Medical facemask


GoMore is a software/algorithm solutions provider primarily focused on but not limited to AI coach development. Understanding the importance of physiological signals and transforming them into accurate and understandable tools enables users to know their physical condition in real-time. We develop validated or comparable indices with scientific support to allow the monitoring available in fitness or wellness. In addition, the booming wearable market or home care system primarily only provides records or simple analysis without further explanation or solutions. Therefore, GoMore has developed a personalized health and fitness model with a precise algorithm that offers real-time professional physiological indicators through wearable devices. Also, our personalized coach solutions can be further integrated into wearable devices, phone applications, and even home or professional training facilities. With the AI Coach, GoMore incorporates several features to create a single comprehensive coaching system that includes GoMore personalized heart rate zones and stamina system (stamina level and stamina index) to assist users with adequate training. After all, our vision is to use the algorithm solutions to improve the fitness population worldwide for a healthy life.

Good Point food co,Ltd

Good Point food

Grand Blossom Grange

*Fools Rush In Where Genius Dare Not Tread*
Grand Blossom Grange plant by vegetative cultivation and share this fecundity land with various biology. We insist on protecting ecology, respect the land and seize the day.
The early morning, the sky is slightly bright, and the rose is slightly in bud. At this moment, pick the rose and it just look like a box; The petal will wrap the rose’s fragrance completely and it let “Rose Box” be full of the rose fragrance.
All products are free of chemical additives and keep the natural ingredients of roses. You can enjoy it without worries. Grand Blossom Grange planted by vegetative cultivation and share this fecundity land with various biology. We insist to protect ecology, respect this land and seize the day.

Grand Marquis IVD CO., LTD.

From 1980 until present, our clientele has widespread all over Taiwan in major teaching hospitals, medical centers, regional and local hospitals. We are widely recognized as trusted long term partner who is proud of the professional expertise we carry and striving to create a better living as our mission. Backed by strong teams of product specialists, professional sales representatives and knowledgeable engineers, Grand Marquis continue to pursuit its company spirit which is to "Reach far and wide yet leave no details behind". We are proud of our customers and listen to their every needs and suggestions because we treasure every opportunity to be working with them. Our customer will be our top priority because we care.