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Automated External Defibrillator and InBody series products

Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center

Trillions of Global Investments in Development Theranostic
"Visible" targeted therapy, which tracks and kills specific cancer cells,
Simple treatment protocol, intravenous injection + nuclear medicine tomography,
Significantly reduce damage to surrounding normal cells and tissues
Give cancer patients more chances and hope for survival
Hottest topic of discussion at the American and European Nuclear Medicine Annual Meetings for the past six years
Projects that have been tested on humans in the United States and the European Union include:
Clinical treatment of neuroendocrine tumors and prostate cancer
More than 30 different cancers, 85 therapeutic drugs in development


Kowa Optics Corp. is a leading professional manufacturer/exporter of Video Microscopes (Beauty Scopes). The Video Microscope is a real smart tool, helps SKIN / HAIR / IRIS / MICROCIRCULATION inspections. Under different lenses, the magnified vivid image can be simultaneously observed and analyzed in single or 2 splits or 4 splits frames on TV monitor. And by means of USB interface, the images can also be stored in PC for systematic management or before / after comparison. The purchaser includes: cosmetics company, equipment supplier, medical person, direct sale company, beauty salon owner, beauty school, healthy food supplier…, etc. By means of the vivid images, the beautician (or doctor) can help to simultaneously observe and analyze skin/hair/iris/microcirculation condition for the client, recommend the appropriate health food, skin / hair care products or treatment for the client, in order to create the sales of their products.

KT Medical Inc.

KT Medical Inc., is a newly invested company by Kuang Tai Metal Industrial Co., Ltd., a notable manufacturer of welding and industrial wires for 40 years. KT Medical developed its sophisticate knowledge of welding, wire drawing and forming from its mother company, Kuang-Tai Metal, and improved it further. With our progress in technology, KT Medical is officially established in 2013. KT Medical integrated the two core technologies from Kuang Tai Group, wire drawing and wire processing to develop medical devices and parts.


Hyperbaric chamber Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Haemonetics TEG Hemostasis Analyzer MCS+9000 Multicomponent Collection System

Kuang Tien General Hospital

History of Kuang Tien General Hospital& Xing Shang Branch
Cell Therapy
Smart Healthcare / Intelligent Healthcare
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Long-Term Care
Integrated Health and Long-Term Care
Medical Specialty

Kubin lnternatlonal co ltd

Far infrared products Auto Focus Presbyopia Glasses

Kylinlohasiinfra Company Limited

Lifestyle Medicine Educational and Learning Center Members Are Empowered and Supported from Professional Coaches We Help You Become Your Own Personal Doctor and Wellness Scientist Providing one-stop shop and the most comprehensive "Lifestyle Medicine” interventions from treating and managing chronic disease, to nurturing health, promoting wellness, and reaching longevity. Our medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and professional coaches will guide you to become a personal doctor. During your transformational journey, they will work alongside you to coach and motivate with compassion. You will learn how to manage and recover from chronic diseases, living the "personalized way of life”, and truly OWN Your Health—your way.