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Main Business Activity
High Quality & Precision Mould Making
OEM Injection Moulding
Design Development, Realization, Improvement
Specializing in Medical Application

Life Fusion Inc

Features of "decellularized dermal tissue":
The host’s cells are removed with unique de-cellularization techniques, while preserving the physical structure and appropriate mechanical strength of the dermal tissue. De-cellularized dermis can be applied in the field of regenerative medicine by acting as an extracellular matrix. Replacing traditional implant-based treatments with autologous regeneration.
Using specialized critical technology, Life Fusion Inc. is able to produce highly-purified collagen in mass quantities, which greatly improve the applicability of this premium raw material. We also continuously develop collagen sourced from different species, such as porcine dermis, chicken keel cartilage and fish scales. Aside from expanding the application of the critical technology on different extraction sources, we are also exploring more ways to apply non-denatured collagen, such as developing better raw materials and products for the fields of functional health supplements and premium cosmetics and skin care.

LifeOS Genomics Corporation

LifeOS Genomics is dedicated to the commercialization of proprietary “sample-to-report” automated genetic analysis platforms, including instruments, consumables and reagents, for highly sensitive and quantitative genetic testing, especially liquid biopsy diagnostics, in routine clinical use.
• QLoci™ md1000 Automated Multiplex Digital PCR System is based on proprietary multiplex digital PCR technology and provides highly sensitive and up to 100-plex quantitation of genetic markers in a single test for complex genetic disease diagnostic applications in less than 4 hours.
• QLoci™ SP16 Automated Multifunction qPCR System performs magnetic beads based nucleic acid extraction, PCR reagents setup and 4-color qPCR detection in an automated workflow in less than 2 hours. The nucleic acid extraction reagents are provided in pre-sealed plates, while the qPCR process is compatible with various commercially available reagents.
LifeOS Genomics sincerely invite all interested researchers, medical professionals and colleagues to visit our booth at 2022 Biomedical Expo to see our products, and explore potential collaborations on application development for dynamic testing in precision medicine aiming at “Early Detection and Early Treatment”.


Silk Fibroin Raw Material and Silk Fibroin Application Products

LightMed Dental Technology Corporation

The SAPPHIRE dental laser is designed for traditional use or highly specialized needs in all types of clinical settings. Its portable console and user-friendly GUI help dentists achieve their treatment goals.

The SAPPHIRE dental laser is designed with patient comfort in mind. Its Er:YAG laser produces minimal collateral damage and delivers the most effective clinical treatments when compared with other laser wavelengths.

PO YE X-RAY MFG. CORP. is Taiwan sole distributor.

LINberg Health Enterprise Co., Ltd

Premium Fermented Black Soy Peptides

Lis Tech co.,Ltd

3D printer PCR detection Nematode health care food testing

Listen Culture International Co., Ltd

National Geographic Medical, Intellectual, Educational Videos & Books

Lite SUPPORT House

Lite SUPPORT House is an experience store established by TSM Taipei Smart Materials Co., Ltd. in Datong District, Taipei City in 2021. The Lite SUPPORT Brace provided by the store, from the medical field to the daily life, the Lite SUPPORT Brace provides you with tailored prevention and support protection. It includes Lite SUPPORT Hand Protect Series and Lite SUPPORT Waist Support Series, providing fashion, light weight, and comfortable protect.


A.ESWL (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy) :
This product is applied in urology dept. for the treatment of kidney and urinary tract stone(s)
1.Fully integrated interface
2.Auto-dual Localization System
3.Real-time Tracking and Locking System

B. ESWT (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy) :
This product is applied in urology and Orthopedics (Treatment for Painful Heel Syndrome, Tennis/Golf Elbow, Calcified Shoulder, Osteochondritis Dissecans (OD), Plantar Facilities etc.)   
Adapt to 3 kinds (long wide-forced, short-forced and spot-forced) of shock wave probe