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Meribank Biotech Co., Ltd is dedicated to developing mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs)-based technologies from manufacturing, characterization, storage, to drug discoveries. Moreover, we have been acquiring other avant-garde technologies, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to strive toward invention of smart medical products for the improvement of innovation and precision of medicine. Meribank’s MSC drugs strictly follow the international standard of Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme Good Manufacturing Practice (PIC/S GMP). Whereby, we have optimized the large-scale manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the final products. It also complies with TFDA’s regulations “Guideline on human cell-based medicinal products” and “Guidelines on the clinical applications of human cell-based medicinal products”. Besides, the manufacturing process has many steps of tests that have been referred to the drug regulatory of FDA, MFDS (Korea), and EU, to ensure the quality of our products is following the GMP standard of these developed countries.

Meribank Biotech Co., Ltd was founded in Taiwan, the company has been actively contributed and expanded to the stem cell industry, establishing the largest bank for placenta and umbilical cord derived stem cells in the Chinese world. Meribank targets this niche market in cooperation with cross- straits industry and academics, to push precision medicine to another level and to discover the potential of stem cell drugs. We strive toward the launch of our stem cell drugs that can benefit the global well-beings of mankind.


In the modern of the clinical, the fetal monitor commonly using application in department of gynecology and obstetrics in hospital. The fetal monitor using the principle of ultrasound to obtain fetal heart rate, if the power of ultrasound is higher to safety range, the equipment have presence of risk factors.
Thus, this product will develop a passive fetal monitoring system, which does not require the use of ultrasonic technology, and simplifies the monitoring device and operation; users can operate it by themselves, with software and network, to provide physicians for follow-up analysis or diagnosis in the form of home care.

Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

Medical Devices & Healthcare
*Functional implant medical device
*Intelligent diagnostic system
*Intelligent surgical system
*Intelligent healthcare

MiCareo Taiwan Co., Ltd

1. MiSelect R System 2. CTC, EPC cell number detection, EGFR mutation detection

Micronbrane Medical Co. LTD

We are Biotechnology Startup based in Taiwan. We provide rapid pathogen identification solutions with own patented host depletion technology which makes it possible to detect unknown pathogen from blood samples in clinical setting within 24 hours.


After COVID-19, we’ve seen tremendous requirements for Digital Healthcare Transformation in the world, and it is happening now. A lot of IT companies and hospitals are trying to use IoT-based wearable devices, cognitive situation awareness, digital twins, mixed reality, 5G Network, cloud platform, and AI related technologies to improve health team productivity, patient experience, end-to-end operation efficiency and so on. Although these technologies each offer highly potential for value creation within healthcare system, when these capabilities come together to enable vertical or horizontal integration, that the ultimate collaboration across different departments and people will achieve true value co-creation in the extended healthcare ecosystem.

Mikotek Information Inc.

The Miko Drip System intelligently monitors the real-time status of the IV drip speed and supports a "plug and play" mode. Miko Drip can change detailed information such as drip settings through the buttons of the device or mobile APP and also accurately monitors the remaining time of the infusion. When the drip is about to end or the infusion process is abnormal, Miko Drip alert by LED lights and sound, and send out information to the mobile APP at the same time. The Miko Drip System combined with the Miko IoT medical care management platform can provide notifications to a specific caregiver according to related schedule, and integrate the drip information and display on Miko NIS at nursing station.