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24V Wheel-Chair Battery Packs, 24V PowerBank, 24V Lithium Battery Packs, MICRO-USB Version of 5V Battery Packs, TYPE-C Version of 5V Battery Packs, Li-ion Chargers

Precious Mountain Ent. Corp

At Evolguard, it is our mission to make you feel safe and comfortable in everything you come across or touch. Evolguard's persistence: from the home environment to the work environment or gastronomy and recreation, everyone can benefit from medical-grade protection.

Prisma Biotech

The unprecedented resolution gained with the Tapestri Solution for Solid Tumor Research empowers cancer researchers to ask the questions they could never ask before. From deciphering the order of mutation acquisition to accurately measuring genomics changes like SNVs and CNVs across thousands of individual cells, Tapestri is bringing a new standard of clarity to solid tumor research.

Promedical Co. Ltd

Lifelong Gym

Prorich Medical Corporation

Prorich® COVID-19 Dry One-Step RT-PCR Kit
Prorich® COVID-19 Influenza A/B Multiplex Dry One-Step RT-PCR Kit
Prorich® COVID-19 All-In-One Test Kit
Prorich® Release Buffer with Swabs Kit
Prorich® Coagulation Analyzer

Provitaebio Bio

"ProScreen" gene testing to test the patient's genetic data, and provide the doctor as a reference basis for selection of target drug. "ProScreen" uses next-generation sequencing genetic screening technology to detect 523 genetic data related to immune check point drugs and target drugs for tumor tissues and blood samples at a time. The detection range is wider, more comprehensive, and further assist physicians to choose accurate and suitable medication for patients.