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Rock Biomedical, Inc.

Founded in 2021, Rock BioMedical, Inc. (Rock Bio) is a biopharmaceutical company seeking to combine both active immunization (eg vaccines) and passive immunization (eg antibodies) for the eradication of diseases based on our proprietary Glyco-engineered Universal Vaccine platform. The initial focus will be on the development of next generation COVID vaccine featuring the unique property of our glycan-depleted SARS-CoV-2 spike protein (SMG) to induce broad protection against immune evading variants. Built upon the same technology platform, the company’s pipeline also includes novel therapeutic antibody and universal flu vaccine candidates that together will revolutionize the way such common respiratory tract infection can be managed in the future. The company is founded upon a set of core technologies licensed from Academia Sinica. It has an R&D base located in National Biotechnology Research Park in Nangang Taipei and a subsidiary in Boston Massachusetts USA to manage its global CRO activities for clinical development and international partnership.

Rui An International Co., Ltd.

1. Precision Medicine RECIPE LC-MS/MS Complete Kits- for diagnosis and therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) in clinical, toxicological and forensic laboratories. Their immunosuppressants set, which provides the analysis of Cyclosporine A, Tacrolimus, Everolimus and Sirolimus, obtained medical device product license II. 2. Medical laboratory Accreditation VALIDATE- designed to assist in the documentation of linearity, calibration verification, and verification of linear range required by many inspection agencies. American Proficiency Institute (API) clinical proficiency testing programs -approved by the CMS, COLA, TJC, and TAF. INSTAND- one of the three reference institutions appointed by the German Medical Association (Bundesärztekammer) and thus responsible for the organisation of EQA schemes for quality control in medical laboratories. 3. Laboratory Equipment iSED ESR analyzer - The iSED® works directly from the primary EDTA tube and requires just 100 uL of sample to deliver a result in just 20 seconds. The analyzers’ results are unaffected by variables commonly associated with traditional ESR testing methods. Some of these variables include hematocrit, personal error, and temperature. 4. Ready to use AST reagent strips ETEST®- Recognized around the world for their proven performance, ETEST® ready to use reagent strips determine on-scale MICs.