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Becton Dickinson Holdings Pte. Ltd. Taiwan Branch

Intelligent microbiological testing automatic equipment combined with a network-based information integration platform: it can break the time limit, interpret real-time diagnosis in time, report accurate treatment in advance, and improve patient safety.

Bio Preventive Medicine Corp.

DNlite-IVD103/ Human uPTM3-DKD ELISA Test:
A true diagnostic gold standard for DKD in clinics and labs. It predicts kidney function loss (eGFR decline) years in advance by detecting a specific novel biomarker in human urine.

DNlite-IVD103 Features:
• Predict eGFR Progressive Decliner
• Predicting & Monitoring Renal Function Loss (eGFR decline)
• Predict Progression in: DKD, AKD, Kidney Transplantation
• Precision Management of Kidney Disease
• Non-invasive Urinary ELISA Test


Founded in 1981, Bio-Check focuses on clinical diagnostics as its core value with more than 40 years of experience. We strategize in vertical integration, in which we expanded in 5 main territories: Life Science, Clinical Diagnostic, Biotechnology, Health Examination, and Precision Medicine. By combing our international clinical diagnostics standard and our market competitivity, Bio-Check has built a complete portfolio of medical service chains from High-End Instrument Development and Clinical Laboratory Design to the first-hand application of Precision Medicine and Health Management. Not only do we introduce innovative services to our partnered hospitals, we also promote disease prevention to the public. Our services include:
1. Distribute research and clinical lab equipment and reagents for reputed international brands.
2. Design, develop, and produce automated molecular diagnostics instruments and reagent consumables.
3. Laboratory design service: Including the supply of assay reagents and instruments, workflow planning, layout planning, high-end diagnostic technique developing, diagnostic datacloud, lab accreditation counseling, and sample transportation service.
4. Diverse precision medicine diagnostic service: Cancer treatment decision making, neurodegenerative disease diagnostic assay and gene test for rare and genetic diseases.
5. Personalized preventive healthcare management: Integrate personalized precision medicine and privation health management.

Biomedical EliteCell Corp.

With 10-years experiences, EliteCell aims to providing optimal cell culture solutions for a broad range of cells to support and accelerate the development of cell therapies and regenerative medicines from research to clinic.

EliteCell's cGMP-compliant facility located in Texas, USA.  EliteCell supplies xenogeneic-free serum replacement, serum-free human lymphocytes culture media, primary NK culture kit to the top research and academic institutions as well as biotechnology, cell therapy, and pharmaceutical companies in worldwide.

Biomedical Translation Research Center

Core facility

bioMerieux China Limited Taiwan Branch

A world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics for more than 55 years, bioMérieux is present in 45 countries and serves more than 160 countries through a large network of distributors. bioMérieux provides diagnostic solutions (systems, reagents, software and services) that determine the origin of a disease to improve the health of patients. World leader in microbiology, specialized in immunoassays and leading pioneer in the syndromic molecular approach, the Company is committed worldwide on major public health issues in the field of infectious diseases, such as antimicrobial resistance, sepsis and respiratory infections.

BiOptic Inc.

BiOptic is the only capillary electrophoresis related manufacturer in Asia. We provide global users with one-stop solutions from sample preparation, gene amplification to fragment analysis. The opening platform can be applied to any biotechnology research, genetic testing, clinical diagnosis and other related fields.

Three steps to finish your test, simple and easy:
Step1. Sample Preparation: Qexp Series Detection Kit
Step2. Gene Amplification: Qampmini Thermal Cycler
Step3. Fragment Analysis: Qsep Series Bio-Fragment Analyzer


"TOOLS" specializes in bringing scientists "total solution" products for all applications of biomedical research from DNA to proteins including molecular biology reagents (immunology, PCR, qPCR and nucleic acid purification kits etc.), We also provide customized products (miRNA mimics and inhibitors, siRNA synthesis and peptide synthesis) and service platform that includes NGS (Next Generation Sequencing), Genome Editing (CRISPR/Cas), Proteomics, Metebolomics and other services. Our enthusiastic and professional team offers the right tools to distributors, OEM resellers and researchers with competitive product pricing. Moreover, providing the right information and useful suggestions to researchers are the core values of "TOOLS".

Caduceus Biotechnology Inc.

Caduceus Biotechnology Inc, founded in 2016 with its origins in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, is an innovative company focusing on the design and fabrication of microarray scanners and related customer tailored-products. Before company setting up, we got the first founding from Hermes-Epitek. Caduceus's SpinScan Microarray Scanner(TFDA, CE-IVD), is based on a modified optical pickup head, akin to well-established DVD technology in the molecular diagnostic market. It is the only reader where 6 slides can be read at one time. Moreover, the platform is easily scalable simply by faster rotation scan with the corresponding upgrade in detection. It’s an open system for all the detection like DNA, peptide, protein, antibody, and cell chips.