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GoMore is a software/algorithm solutions provider primarily focused on but not limited to AI coach development. Understanding the importance of physiological signals and transforming them into accurate and understandable tools enables users to know their physical condition in real-time. We develop validated or comparable indices with scientific support to allow the monitoring available in fitness or wellness. In addition, the booming wearable market or home care system primarily only provides records or simple analysis without further explanation or solutions. Therefore, GoMore has developed a personalized health and fitness model with a precise algorithm that offers real-time professional physiological indicators through wearable devices. Also, our personalized coach solutions can be further integrated into wearable devices, phone applications, and even home or professional training facilities. With the AI Coach, GoMore incorporates several features to create a single comprehensive coaching system that includes GoMore personalized heart rate zones and stamina system (stamina level and stamina index) to assist users with adequate training. After all, our vision is to use the algorithm solutions to improve the fitness population worldwide for a healthy life.

J-MEX Inc.

‧9 axis IMU-based multiple sensors kinetic and kinematic measurement and recording tool ‧Service platform to link physiotherapist & patient ‧Physiotherapist provides exercise instructions ‧To load the instruction to the patient APP database ‧Patient to conduct exercise using KinMAS and record result ‧To analyze KinMAS data and report progress back to physiotherapist and patient

Lite SUPPORT House

Lite SUPPORT House is an experience store established by TSM Taipei Smart Materials Co., Ltd. in Datong District, Taipei City in 2021. The Lite SUPPORT Brace provided by the store, from the medical field to the daily life, the Lite SUPPORT Brace provides you with tailored prevention and support protection. It includes Lite SUPPORT Hand Protect Series and Lite SUPPORT Waist Support Series, providing fashion, light weight, and comfortable protect.


Min Yuen Rubber, founded in May 1978, located in central part of Taiwan (Taichung City), is one of the largest rubbery and elastomeric accessory manufacturers in the Asia-Pacific Region. Mainly manufactures natural and synthetic (latex-free), smooth and textured (ribbed) rubber tapes, threads, loop bands, sheets, tubes and customized elastomeric TPU/TPR, NBR products. Our factory is qualified with ISO 9001: 2015 management system. All chemicals applied meet the Europe REACH Regulations and our products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified. Majority of our customers now are world leading suppliers in diverse range of consumer/industrial products. We believe that our customers' growth is the key element to our success, and so we are always PASSIONATE in serving customer requirements in pursuit of long-term co-operation and partnership.


Exercise has become more and more important nowadays, consumers can have better muscular endurance and body shape through our products. Leg Stretching machine, Stair climber machine and Healthy exercise chair. Users can be trained through different workouts.

Ta Lai Sporting Goods Enterprised

Maxtek Go-Go is focusing on low-frequency electric waves to stimulate deep body muscle. Which could reach deep muscle nerve and accelerate blood circulation by strengthening muscle power. There plenty of symptoms that are targeting to improve and make life easier. For people who are confined to a bed: preventing bedsores. People who suffer from diabetes could be improving the blood circulation of arms and legs. Long-time constipation suffers can use MAPAL Belly belt to help relieve constipation symptoms.

Taiwan Holiday Manufacturing Co.,Ltd


Taiwan Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association

sports app, smart devices, online sports courses, elderly fitness equipment, cardio-fitness equipment, home fitness, upright bikes and so on.


Over the last ten years we’ve worked with some of the world’s best athletes, designers, engineers, and industry professionals to develop the most innovative products human movement has ever seen. Our mission is driven by the relentless pursuit of performance, both in the products we make and the people we serve. We’ll keep designing, you keep moving.