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Gwo Xi Stem Cell Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

Gwo Xi Stem Cell Company has established the R&D center for cell therapy development since 2011. We are committed to developing stem cell medicines that have the potential to help patients with unmet medical needs. Our production platform is fully compliant with medical regulations (Good Tissue Practice, GTP) in Taiwan. We have three clinical trials are ongoing in Taiwan, and one clinical trial is ongoing in Vietnam by now. In future, we will have established the PIC/S GMP grade stem cell preparation factory (15,225 m2 built-out space) in Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park in Taiwan to put stem cell-based medicinal products into practice.


Ezcaring privacy protection care system provides "zero-contact, wear-free, wireless remote detection and monitoring", and provides "home behavior" for the care recipient - walking, lying, sitting, sleeping, resting and falling, "urgent" - Real-time detection and warning of no motion, temperature, carbon dioxide, fire and anti-theft functions. Reduce the workload of caregivers and avoid exposure to infection.

Hakuto Taiwan Ltd.

Our product is Ex-cimer lamp, It can be applied in bonding process of Bio-chip. Its advantage is not need any glue & tape for bonding.


Circulation Payment Kiosk
◆Offer several payment methods, cash, credit card, etc.
◆CPK-10P helps the reduction of replenishing banknotes.
◆Accept to put all banknotes and coins in once, and can automatically remove strange things.
◆Leading users easily to operate with animation, light and audios. Low equipment failure rate, easy to remove failures.
◆Same level of anti-counterfeiting model as financial institutions, support to recognize all banknotes and coins.
◆Harmonation company have strong service maintenance teams to ensure warranty service able to be covered with all Taiwan locations.
◆Our Expert R&D software development team have numerous experience in system integration and customization.
◆CPK-10P cash box is able to use together with our CDM-100 (Cash Deposit Machine), CPK-10P and CDM-100 cash boxes are perfectly fitting into each other, Therefore, the account settlement operation can be easily performed, which is truly a non-contact auto cash flow management mechanism, consequently help to reduce the risk of infection.
Telemedicine Solution
◆Harmonation Telemedicine Solution through the browser, and do not need to registration or install App on user side.
◆support Message/Picture/Sound recording & Video calls
◆Support extend on-line service functions and Highly integrate with hospital websites (HIS system). and still keep flexibility on extension service.
◆Protect staff privacy during customer information transfer.

Hau-Cheng Biotech Inc

Safety syringe


DUPONT Liveo medical silicone ingredients 1.DuPont Liveo Silicone Antifoams 2.DuPont Liveo Silicone Coating Fluids & Dispersions 3.DuPont Liveo Pharma Tubing 4.DuPont Liveo Silicone Skin Adhesive 5.DuPont Liveo Silicone Topical Excipients and Ingredients

Healthcare Systems Consortium

The Healthcare Systems Consortium (HSC) is located on the historic Tunghai University campus in central Taiwan. HSC aims to promote Lean Healthcare Management System know-how in Taiwan.
To achieve this goal, HSC continually recruits members from various medical related sectors. The members include healthcare administrative authorities, hospitals, healthcare administrators, enterprises, and entrepreneurs in the medical devices industry. In addition, experts and scholars in relevant fields also are compromised.
Also, HSC provides a platform to its members, holds current “know-how” conferences and workshops, and offers real-time expert and scholar consultation. The members are informed about the latest industry trends, which could gain mutual technologies, business cooperation opportunities, and direct communication with governmental authorities. Furthermore, HSC actively cooperates with industry and academical between Taiwan and international organizations, such as Virginia Mason, Seattle .
HSC itself is an experienced and professional medical process improvement team. By deploying mature industrial engineering and management technologies and concepts, the HSC offers “Lean Healthcare Management” solutions and consultant services to hospitals. So far, HSC has memorable experiences in industry-university cooperation projects, which effectively helps hospitals to achieve high-efficiency and lower the cost of medical services.
Currently, HSC is continuously recruiting more members. If you are interested in Taiwan's efficient and high-quality Healthcare industry, you are very welcome to join our membership.