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Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd offers biological indicator and endotoxin reagents, instruments and software are used within the Pharmaceutical, Medical-Device, Biotechnology, Compounding Pharmacy and Dialysis industries for quality control, product release and research. For biological indicator, the brand is Mesa Labs who provides biological indicator including steam, EO, plasma and VHP. For brand of endotoxin test, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc. (ACC) has been a global leader in endotoxin and (1→3)-ß-D-glucans detection products and services for more than 45 years. ACC pioneered LAL testing methodology and was the first FDA licensed company to manufacture LAL reagents; ACC is certified to I.S. EN ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 13485:2016.


AI & Big Data Platform for Healthcare
With HPE Ezmeral DataFabric solution, we built a big data platform with data lakes to collect and analyze real-time patient data for custom reports. By integrating patient information for analyzing and presenting it on dashboards, patients can clearly understand their personal situation and actively participate in decision-making. Hospitals can optimize the efficiency of doctor-patient communication and achieve precision medicine.
By integrating administrative data in hospitals, analyzing, and providing infographic, we can optimize workforce in the hospitals and reduce healthcare team’s workload. With HPE Ezmeral Container Platform and MLOps to accelerate AI image recognition models and assist in the diagnosing, which can reduce physicians’ workload. Also, by automatic text structuring and summarization through NLP, we can reduce repetitive paper work.

U-ARK Technology Co., Ltd.

Innovation for the outlook of the industry, redefinition of the concept of Long-Term Care (LTC), and creation of a new ideal model are the purposes of U-ARK.

Besides the software services, building an LTC ecosystem is also a target of U-ARK. By expanding the business model into e-commerce, production of medical consumables and other fields of the industry, U-ARK can integrate the whole industry and provide service in all medical institutions everywhere. With providing service in US institutions and spreading the benefit of our software, U-ARK can also bring experience and trends back to Taiwan, creating a positive cycle for the industry.

By combining our strong IT capability and in-depth understanding of the industry, U-ark has been coming up with a comprehensive solution for the LTC ecosystem.


To focus on the field of elderly well-being and general health. Home care for the elderly (disabled) is still a desert of technological care. We have developed a continuous smart care service for the elderly through the integration of various advanced health and safety technologies and the long-term care industry with local resources to achieve the following Target Provide "continuous care services" for the health and safety of the elderly through smart technology "Online/Offline Home Care Regional Joint Defense" created by integrating local resources to solve the burden of family and children in the workplace

UCare Medical Electronics Co., Ltd.

uGym Circuits- Physical Fitness Testing System for elder. The pioneer of elder sports technology, with the goal of preventing and delaying the occurrence of Sarcopenia and Frailty. Digitally upgrade traditional fitness equipment with sensor. Light and easy to carry, effective manage background data and get analysis reports.

UPro Medical Inc.

Manufacture of fine instruments for medical surgery, such as endoscopes. Our own excellent R&D team is moving towards the latest technology. Under the spirit of research and development, innovation and breakthrough, we will create precise and humanized stable surgical instruments. Provide timely technical support while meeting the customized needs of customers and medical team members. Create precision instruments that can improve surgical accuracy and reduce risk and time costs.

Varian Medical Systems Taiwan Co., Ltd.

At Varian, a Siemens Healthineers company, we envision a world without fear of cancer. For more than 70 years, we have developed, built and delivered innovative cancer care technologies and solutions for our clinical partners around the globe to help them treat millions of patients each year. With an Intelligent Cancer Care approach, we are harnessing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics to enhance cancer treatment and expand access to care. Our 11,000 employees across 70 locations keep the patient and our clinical partners at the center of our thinking as we power new victories in cancer care. Because, for cancer patients everywhere, their fight is our fight. For more information, visit http://www.varian.com and follow @VarianMedSys on Twitter.

Visionatics Inc.

Digital Magnetic Barcoded beads (DMB) fluorescence reader is a laboratory tool of great assistance for biomedical researchers. It is used for multiplex detection in immunoassays and molecular assays. In one experimental reaction, multiple pathogens can be detected at the same time. It has the advantages of rapid, accurate and high-throughput detection. A high throughput platform for viral detection will contribute to cope with mass test needs of clinical samples during the pandemic outbreak of highly infectious diseases such as Covid-19 and dengue fever. The technologies of barcoded beads multiplex detections also increase the sensibility of severe disease prediction, and help reduce public healthcare expenses.

Vitae Biomedical Co. Ltd.

Lung cancer was the leading cause of cancer deaths, accounting for 1.8 million death cases worldwide in 2020. Prolonged asymptomatic period in early stages make screening especially challenging. Indeed, early detection is quintessential to pivot this situation.
Today, health practitioners globally have been conducting chest X-rays and LDCT scans for lung cancers. While chest X-ray screening proves the lack of substantial benefit for survival rate, LDCT, on the contrary, tends to lead to over diagnosis. Both methods require intensive experience for cancer diagnosis in addition to real concerns over exposures to radiation. Vitae Biomedical lung cancer IVD reagent kit helps detect a highly specific biomarker in urine for lung cancers. This breakthrough technology is non-invasive, non-radiative, and proved possible for early detection. It provides excellent benefit-to-risk ratio and is the go-to screening technology for any individual and lung cancer patients who can benefit from continuous monitoring anytime and anywhere.

VOLER Biotech Consulting Co., Ltd.

VOLER Biotech Consulting Co., Ltd. was established in 2017.It is composed of a group of Taiwan biotechnology industry experts. We assists Taiwan biotechnology industry in consulting services such as medical device, medicine and regulations.