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Ergonomic Chair / Physician Chair / Surgery Chair

HGiga Inc.

Collaborative Management Platform for Specimen Carrier
( Pathological Process Management System )

The specimen’s information is stored in the two-dimensional bar code, printed by a long-term storage compatible technology on specimen carrier for identification. This system is mainly integrated with labels, printing equipment, and collaboration platform, providing single sign-on, login authority control, case filing, printing equipment integrated, carrier’s label printing, status checking, and individual specimen carrier statics. The authorized users can review all the information in every stage of inspection process for each specimen and specimen carrier, and furthering conducting the output of the relative reporting.

The collaboration platform has successfully integrated the equipment from German and Japanese into the workflow of the hospital Pathology Center, realizing the high efficiency of the combination operation of electronic and automated medical management.

Hi-Q Marine Biotech International Ltd.

A superb salesperson in the business industry suddenly decided to enter the biotechnology industry to fulfill a promise to his younger self while upholding his philosophies to become an international brand that is socially responsible.

HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC)

The Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) system developed by HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC) includes an EEG amplifier for data collection and signal processing, a GUI for test process control, and an AI algorithm for data analysis. It records 90-second brainwave signals to analyze with the AI algorithm and then provides objective and quantifiable stress evaluation index and intuitive data distribution maps in the assessment report. This report can assist doctors to provide a more efficient and accurate diagnosis. SEA system is designed to be a powerful AI tool for professional medical personnel in mental health screening.

Hitspectra Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

We can analyze pathological images and expand more than 400 pieces of analyzable information from 1 pixel. The expansion of sample data can overcome the problem of lack of information.
In the process of medical diagnosis and treatment, surgery and other invasive treatments often make patients scared, resulting in their hesitation in seeking medical attention. Because of that, we want to develop non-invasive diagnosis tools that can help doctors to better identify diseases at early stages, and allow patients to be treated in time.


1.“HIWIN” Robotic Gait Training System (Non-sterile)
2.“HIWIN” Robotic Endoscope Holder and Accessories

HOLY TREE Biomedical Co.,Ltd.

HOLY TREE FORMOSA ESSENZ STUDIO was founded in 2004. The company
founder combined content from I-Ching, the concept of aromatherapy in Germany
the theory of meridian system in Chinese medicine. e, and the application of Wu Xing
(the five elements) with the most valuable treasures fro ` Ta an's forests, such
as, Chamnaecyparis formosensis, Cinnamomum~micranthun, Calocedrus fonnosana
(Florin), Litsea Cabeba (Lour) Persoon, Cinnamonmum Camphora, and Cryptomeria
japonica (L.f.) D. Don to develop a series products for HOLY TREE.
A TAF-accredited laboratory was entrusted to complete a comprehensive DNA
fingerprinting and total component analysis for each of the company's products.
Therefore, we have obtained patents granted by the intellectual Property Office,
Ministry of Economic Affairs. Our products have also won the "National Quality
Assurance Gold Award"
"Invention Patent Competition Bronze Award"




The company was founded in 102 years of the Republic of China and is located in Puzi City, Chiayi County. The vertical integration of production and sales, the one-stop business model from the production end to the consumption end of raw and cooked food specialty stores, creates a new model of the industrial value chain, and is the first in the industry. In order to establish our own beef cattle population, we further transferred the \"Taiwan Yellow Cattle Breeding and Feeding Management Technology\" with the Livestock Experimental Institute of the Agriculture Committee of the Executive Yuan, and launched the \"Taiwan Yellow Beef\" local cattle characteristic brand, which is not only the only breed-based brand in China The local brand beef with quality as its connotation and production and sales experience is also the first domestic commercialization of endangered and preserved livestock precedents. At present, in addition to the Hengchun Branch of the Livestock Experimental Institute of the Breeding Center, the Yellow Cattle Conservation Farm has bred more than 160 purebred Taiwanese yellow cattle. It is the largest off-site breeding farm for Taiwanese yellow cattle in the private sector. It also fulfills a corporate social responsibility for the preservation and biodiversity of Taiwan\'s livestock stock.