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Welker Enterprise Co.,Ltd

The germicidal action is maximized at 265nm. The uvc lamp have their main emission at 254mn where the action on DNA is 85% of the peak value. As the result, our uvc lamps are extremely effective in breaking down the DNA and RNA of micro-organisms. This means that they cannot replicate and cause disease. Philips medium disinfection chamber, Philips mini disinfection chamber: 1. Deactivate 99.9999% of the virus within one minute 2. Disinfect documents and personal belongings 3. There are compartment door sensors and magnetic locks to avoid accidental opening Portable ultraviolet sterilizer: 1. Can manually sterilize all corners of items 2. As long as the uvc light shine in items ,it can deactivate various germs on them. SL80S mobile sterilizer, SL118S mobile UVC sterilizer and SL228S mobile UVC sterilizer: 1. Surface application for different sizes of room 2.100% made in Taiwan 3. Equipped with timing and delay timer to avoid injury caused by human contact with ultraviolet rays.

Wetoptec Co., Limited

In recent years, due to the epidemic situation, people's living environment and styles have been greatly changed, and the demand for purifiers has gradually shifted from households to enterprises to any corner. Wetop has been focusing on the development and optimization of environmental purifiers for ten years. What we pursue is not only air cleanliness, but also advocates the concept of "environmental purification", gradually making people believe that it is not only the air that needs to be purified. Environmental purification has a place in this new generation of epidemic prevention and medical care.

WiAdvance Technology

WiAdvance Technology, a subsidiary of Wistron Corporation, is an innovative cloud services company headquartered in Taiwan. Based on Cloud, Data and AI technology, WiAdvance provides cloud-based service and vertical SaaS/ Solutions which suit various industries and operational scenarios, enabling the customers to boost the business in today’s ever-changing world.

Wieson Technologies co., ltd.

Medical Electronics Solution
.ECG Cable
.EEG Leadwires
.Temp Cable
.Sp02 Cable
.IBP Cable
.TENS & EMS Leadwires Cable
.Nurse Call Cable
.Electrosurgery Monopolar Cable
.High Resolution DisplayPort Cable
.High Resolution HDMI 2.1 Cable


WINBEX is an experienced manufacturer of dental and medical stools as well as its components in Taiwan for 25 years, and our goods enjoy high reputation for their excellent quality. We do supply our products to many branded dental chair manufacturers in USA, UK, Australia, Japan, China as well as Germany, Spain, Northland and Finland. We believe you will be satisfied with our products if you are searching for a reliable supplier in this field.

Wisdom Gathering Consulting Co., Ltd.

WGC Smart Medical Solutions focus more on the application of mixed reality in clinical operations, deploying the applications provided by smart medical in medical equipment, wearable devices and sensors to assist in the modernization and digitization of the medical system and provide patients with better medical services. This soution can convert any STL object or real-world DICOM images such as CT, MRI, ANGIO-CT, CBCT, SPECT, PETCT, etc.) into 3D holograms, as well as segment DICOM images and overlay medical imaging objects on the patient for surgical planning.

Wistron Medical Technology Corporation

1. smart hospital solution 2. Health 365 3. Digital Pathology platform 4. Intelligent rehab solution

Yomura Technologies Inc.

Established in 1989,YOMURA TECHNOLOGIES is known by world class brands as Taiwan’s premier double injection mold expert. We provides JDM/ODM and emphasizes technical innovation. Please visit our website http://www.yomura.com.tw for more information.

YUAN High-Tech Development Co., Ltd.

We provided a series of PCIe/Mini-PCIe/M.2 video capture cards, USB2.0/3.0 capture box/dongle series, as well as a range of video converter boxes and streaming encoder boxes to fulfill different markets’ needs. All video capture products with different form factors are all supported by one driver and the same SDK which follows Windows DirectShow or Linux v4l2 standards.

Our RD teams design and develop a wide range of Hardware, Driver, Firmware, FPGA, and SDK packages to provide the best technical support to our customers.