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ALPS Biotech Co. Ltd.

Early lung cancer diagnostic

Amesdata Biotech Co.,Ltd

Established in 2000, Amesdata Biotech is committed to providing medical facilities with innovative diagnostic products and advanced solutions to improve work efficiency and laboratory diagnosis accuracy. At 2022 Taiwan healthcare EXPO with TUNA, We bring Welch Allyn® frontline care diagnostic portfolio such as medical thermometers and vital signs monitors. And with Welch Allyn® Connex® System can help to improve nurses routine vital signs measurement workflow, from paper work to real-time、 secure automatic vitals sent to your electronic medical records directly from the bedside. Helps Clinician to reduce errors, and boost staff efficiency.

Ann Tong Ind. Co., Ltd.

Microneedle, PDMS Cold Runner System, Peek & PLA Medical plastic parts manufacturing foundry


GlucoSure POC Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System provides an easy and precise way to measure blood glucose and blood ketone levels. GlucoSure POC Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System is a portable whole blood system and is intended for use by healthcare professional in laboratories such as physician office laboratories, clinics, and hospitals.

Applied BioCode Taiwan Ltd

17-Plex Gastrointestinal Pathogen Panel (GPP)
17-Plex Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP)
BioCode MDx3000 Automated High Throughput Molecular Diagnostic System


Bed-Exit alarm
wireless alarm mat
optical instrument material
physiological signal sensor
Microwave Radar System Integration


With in-depth technologies and years of experience in the AV-over-IP field, AREC expands our strong commitment to the healthcare industry. We provide our clients with advanced audiovisual solutions to accelerate their next-generation digital deployment and assist their business development. To meet the needs of the healthcare filed, AREC has launched below advanced solutions and services:

1. ARECare Intercom Solution
2. ARECare Telemedicine Solution
3. Recording and Streaming Solution
4. Customization Service

Looking forward to the future, AREC will continue to strive for innovation and excellence, and bring customers an intelligent and value-added audiovisual future.

Asia Pathogenomics Co., Ltd.

Asia Pathogenomics (APG) is a Taiwanese based company that provides metagenomic sequencing diagnostic service for infectious pathogen. We are one of the pioneers in precision medicine, utilizing metagenomic next generation sequencing technique and bioinformatic analysis to assist clinician to detect pathogen for infectious patient. APG actively cooperate with several medical centers, hospitals and universities to build up Taiwanese localized pathogen database, and continue to put effort in bioinformatic analysis research and development. Providing top grade quality clinical sequencing services for infectious diseases.

APGseq, our sequencing service is designed to provide clinicians with efficient testing services, so that patients with acute disease progression, severe life-threatening conditions, and difficult to diagnose patients will not miss the golden treatment time and get the most precise diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

APGseq can able to sequence various type of specimens, ranging from plasma, bronchoalveolar lavage fluid to tissue of infectious patients. Analyzing more than 10,000 pathogens (including bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites) under one test, and the test report will be provided within 72 hours (counted from the time when the specimen is delivered to the laboratory). APGseq provides a comprehensive, precise and fast diagnosis for clinician. Aim to improve the quality of medical care for infected patients in Asia.

Asiatic Fiber Corporation

1. Medical textiles: surgical gowns and hand-washing cloths, cloths, cave towels and various medical consumables in accordance with EN 13795. 2. Dust-free textiles: Provides all grades of clean textiles in the biotechnology pharmaceutical industry. The product range includes dust-free coat shoes, dust-free accessories and various clean room cleaning products. 3. Innovative intelligent medical care products: Innovative smart care products that combine temperature control and electrotherapy functions, intelligent heat control with temperature control, positioning and fall detection function; innovative products such as temperature-controlled intelligent eye mask and smart mask Invite you to experience AFC\\\'s professional R&D capabilities, comprehensive medical-grade test equipment and rigorous testing and management capabilities.