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Liverage Biomedical Inc.

Liverage Bio Clinic mainly applies photochemistry products such ILIB in preventive and anti-aging medicine and phototherapy instruments in medical beauty.
Photo Medical Therapy devides into Photochemistry and Photophysics:
(1) The applications of photobiochemistry are in preventive medicine, repairing of aging and damaged human tissues and cells.
Preventive Medicine
a. ILIB Intravenous Laser Irradiation of Blood
b. Multi Function Bio-Light
c. LED Mask

(2) In the aspect of photophysics, high-speed ion detection technology is used to enhance the precision of physical radiation therapy to ensure the safety of radiation therapy.
a. CROSS Series- Proton/Carbon Ion Daily QA System
b. GRID: Photon Daily QA System


Demonstration of holistic cell therapy technology platform


A.Electric labor-saving equipment,electric tugs and electric meal transportation cart,which create a better working environment and prevent occupational injury.

B.AMR logistic system

Lukas Biomedical Inc.

Immunotherapy is an emerging trend in current cancer treatment. It enhances our immune system’s ability to recognize cancer cells and strengthen immune response to kill tumor. T cell immunotherapy is an approach which enhances and activate T cells inside our body. Memory T cells are highly specific to tumors and have long life-span thus they can provide our body with long term tumor surveillance and eliminate cancer cells efficiently. In comparison, effector T cell acts on local tumor sites only and therefore has short lifespan. In actually clinical settings, blood is collected from the patient during the initial step. Isolation, activation and expansion of T cells is conducted in the laboratory. And finally, the T cells which are now being expanded are then infused back into the patient to fight against cancer cells.

LuminX Biotech Co., Ltd.

LuminX Tracking Kit is a nanoscale material developed by LuminX with excellent biocompatibility. After years of development, it can be easily used for immunology, cancer/tumor, stem cell labeling (single cell level), long-term treatment monitoring, cancer metastasis tracking and immune cell labeling.With our expertise in imaging and quantification, we can effectively provide images of the appearance, pattern, number and distribution of target cell populations in large and small animal models.

LuminX Biotech Co., Ltd.

LuminX was founded in 2020 with the hope of becoming the preclinical standard for all cellular products before they enter clinical trial, with the ultimate goal of being written into the guidelines, becoming a game changer and the best aid to cellular therapy.

LumiSTAR Biotechnology, Inc.

LumiSTAR develops various platforms by exploiting or packaging bioimaging and iPSC technologies together to make cellular response visualizable in real time, using our designed protein-based indicators with different dynamic ranges for long-term observation and measurements, as they are non-toxic to the cells. Thus, drug efficacy and toxicity can be studied at early stage to shorten the process of product development.

1. iPSC High Content/Throughput Screening Platform:
* For Drug Development:
- Models for cardiac and neurodegenerative diseases are available.
- Drug efficacy study
- Toxicity can be evaluated at early stage.
- Support phenotypic screening

* For Cell Therapy:
- iPSC cell reprogramming and differentiation development
- Functional testing platform for iPSC derived cells

2. Pseudovirus High Throughput Imaging Screening Platform
- Pseudovirus construction for various strains
- Neutralizing antibody screening, vaccine validation and drug Screening
- Customized service is available

3. Personalized/Precision Medicine

LumiSTAR’s platform has helped our client successfully license out their drug pipeline.