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Shuz Tung Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.

DigiPath Slide Scanner:
Based on the high demand of professional interpreters in pathology and immune serum examination. The DigiPath Slide Scanner of Shuz Tung is to solve the problem of clinical scientist shortage. DigiPath Slide Scanner can provide digital slide fluorescence scanning with auxiliary Helicobacter pylori automatic detection and marker. The digital Slide image generated by DigiPath Slide Scanner is stored in the cloud to assist physicians in multi-consultation. Shuz Tung are committed to research and development to integrate domestic industry and medical cross-professional cooperation.

SilvRight Biotech. Co. Ltd.

The purpose of the establishment of SilvRight Biotechnology is to focus on the biotechnology related to antibacterial and antiviral with the company’s unique silver antibacterial technology, and to develop and to create high-efficacy and high-value-added products for the benefit of the human being. In the 21st century’s world of biotechnology, we look at ourselves as expert of silver technology and take "Guarding the Life of Human Being" as our mission. We hope to create future growth and prosperity for SilvRight Biotechnology and in the same time working with public to heading for better and healthier life in the future.
The main product exhibited here is “Nasil” oral gel which is suitable for patients with severe oral mucositis, such as cancer patients with oral mucositis, patients with recurrent aphthous stomatitis, diabetes patients, enterovirus patients...etc. “Nasil” oral gel is currently used in a clinical trial for treatment of head and neck cancer patient with severe oral mucositis at the National Taiwan University Hospital. Results show that the improvement of oral mucositis is very impressive.
At the same time, silver-containing hydrogel dressings, silver-containing dressings, oral cleaning products and personal care products developed using proprietary silver polymer technology will also be exhibited.

Simple Food Co.Ltd.

The important of protein supplement is more aware with the rising health conscious. To enrich the flavor, most whey protein products contain lots of artificial flavors and ingredients. To provide healthier protein supplement, Simple Protein only use the natural ingredients and become the first whey protein product to get the clean label approval in Taiwan.


Microfluidic Products, Droplet Generation Pack, Pressure Controllers(Low/medium/high/Hydraulic pressure), Flow Controllers Temperature Controllers,Flowmeters, Vacuum Gauges,Pressure Gauges,LevelMeters Temperature and Humidity, Leak Detectors,Data Recorders, Air Quality Analysis Gas Detection, Gas Analysis, DewPoint Moisture Analysis


1. Tri-color turmeric essential oil
2. Tri-Color Turmeric Serum
3. Organic Tri-Color Turmeric Powder
4. Turmeric bright capsules (general maintenance), turmeric crystal extract capsules (enhancement cycle)
5. Triple extract turmeric piperine

Smart Ageing Tech Co., Ltd.

Jubo is one of Asia's largest tech companies dedicated to the market of senior care. It has developed holistic solutions and software systems via a team of multidisciplinary experts in mobile technology, user experience research, data science, and spatial design. Since 2019, Jubo has served its solutions to over 600 care centers taking more than 30% of the market share in Taiwan. With awards in innovation and registered patents worldwide, Jubo continues to deepen its technology capability. Headquartered in Taipei, Jubo is now expanding across the Asia Pacific and the North American region.


Exhibited projects :
1. Next-generation HIS hospital information system.
2. Next-generation HIS system for traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine and dental clinics.
3. Smart hospital information system products used in other hospital fields.

Product features :
1. Web cloud native micro-service architecture HIS platform, built-in AI Ready multiple intelligent applications.
2. Assist hospitals and clinics in digital transformation with modern software technologies (Cloud, AI, MicroService) and software-as-a-service business model (SaaS).

Product benefits:
1. SaaS service model, changing the traditional software sales service model, improving the efficiency of hospital HIS use to create a win-win situation.
2. Provide patients with fully digital medical services to improve the patient's medical experience.
3. Promote the construction of paperless and structured electronic medical records throughout the hospital and support the FHIR standardized data exchange protocol.
4. Improve the effectiveness and satisfaction of medical treatment and disease treatment through digital marketing and patient relationship management services.
5. Promote the automation of pricing across the hospital, to reduce labor costs for pricing and avoid accounting errors.
6. SaaS software system is highly customized and flexible to meet the differentiated needs of hospitals.


Smart Motion Control Co., Ltd. (SMMC) was founded in 2003 and was a distributor in automation industry. By co-working with foreign engineers in Japan/the U.S./South Korea/China who develop the higher-performance automatic devices and control systems, in 2010 we started development processes for various motion/automation related products such as torque control stepping servo
systems, closed loop/open loop control systems, controllers/drivers/stepper motors, electric cylinders, linear/rotary actuators, alignment stages, brakes/gear reducers, etc.

Smart-LINKx Biotech Co., Ltd.

1. Dental Navigation System, first surgical navigation for dentistry received FDA approval.
2. MetaScope WEARABLE SCOPE, World’s First Wearable Scope, MetaSCOPE is a revolutionary medical device that combines a high-performance magnifying camera with Eyes Up Display technology.

Smartjet Biotech, Inc

Jowin Biopharma Inc. was established in 2015 by Dr. Win-Chin Chiang,
who has worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb and Mead Johnson
Nutritionals for 13 years before he came to Taiwan from the USA. Jowin
Biopharma applies the principles of pharmaceutical product
development to formulating the recipe of every health product with
science based evidence. Several products have been launched to the
market: SmartJet® for anti-aging which was awarded the Symbol of
National Quality (SNQ) in Taiwan.