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Chain-Logic International Corp.

NSW Dispensing Sysyem、Motic Microscope

Cold Spring Biotech

Cold Spring Biotech (CSB) Corp is a professional agent for the world-renowned brands of cutting-edge precision medical instruments and has established excellent reputation and popularity worldwide. We have perfect sales links for selling precision instruments and reagents in the Greater China region for more than 30 years with several business offices branched in Taipei, Taichung, Tainan, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong covering the region.
Our cutting-edge testing and research technology center for precision medicine was established and located in Taipei. The laboratory is missioned to develop our own innovative technology platform, LDTs and IVD products, and provides technical services, total solutions and project cooperation to our clients.

List of products and services:
1. System solutions for precision testing, gene medicine and cell therapy.
2. CSB's products and services: cancer-related molecules (EGFR, BRAF gene mutations), spinal muscular atrophy (SMN1/2 gene quantification), virus testing development (COVID-19, HBV).
3.Multiple gene expression detection service (NanoString, NCOUNTER FLEX): FFPE RNA extraction service, original reagents on-board service.
4.Trace protein detection service (Quanterix, Simoa HD-1): original reagents valet on-board service, customized reagent development.
5.Cell-related technical services (Fluxion, IsoFlux): circulating tumor cell (CTC) enrichment, CTC counting.


CMP系列,VTM, efswab;代理類:SDB快檢試劑,桌上型的儀器展覽

CSBio Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Pilot scale and Commercial scale peptide synthesizers. Laboratory automated peptide synthesizer CSBio II.


CubicStation, combined with several modules and graphical interface programs, allows the genome analysis process to escape a large number of programming processes and quickly generate various genetic testing reports, allowing medical background staff to analyze and report genetic testing results.

cytena Bioprocess Solution co. Ltd

The mission of CytenaBPS is : Revolution of Cell Culture. CytenaBPS provides the high throughput microbioreactor for parallel cultivations in 96/24 well plates capable of bringing production bioreactor condition to the early stage. This changes the way biopharmaceuticals used to screen, and further become a new alternative for large-scale bioreactors, further providing faster treatment to patients Our patented microbioreactor technology – c.bird, can offer a solution, to empower pharmaceutical companies to serve patients in a faster and better way! S.NEST™, a state-of-the art microbioreactor that maximizes cell growth while monitoring and analyzing cell conditions from start to finish. Well-known for combining innovative bioscience technologies with best-in-class software development, Cytena BPS has developed their new microbioreactor to disrupt the field of cell line development (CLD).


Circulating Tumor Cell Capturing BioChip

Daikso CO., LTD.

Plug and play AI platform
Different from the traditional single-purpose and bulky equipment, Daikso uses a common mobile platform and the self-developed \"Daikso Box\" to connect different medical equipment in series with the same set of devices.
It also cooperates with the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to obtain data and develop core AI computing components, which can achieve high-accuracy prediction and analysis in different medical fields.
The vision of Daikso is that doctors hold light and handy mobile devices, which can be connected to different devices for AI computing assistance; general public can use their mobile phones to analyze and predict the data from previous inspections.

Daopin Incorporation

Strata Finder: WGS AI analysis Magic Bison: rapid clinical NGS data analysis, annotation and interpretation system


Delbio, Inc. (Delta group) provides the G1/G1n/F2 automated nucleic acid analyzer and a patented compatible cassette for one-stop processing from nucleic acid extraction to analysis report generation. We also provide customized consumer medical and imaging devices for home care, or clinical use. Delta continues developing several U+ Far-UVC light care products suitable for desktop and handheld usage. The products can be applied in different scenarios and can better protect the environment