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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Taiwan Tech GLORIA is formed by senior industry liaisons with multinational corporation working experiences and provides one-stop consulting services with the objectives of establishing industry-university-institute platforms to bridge the university and local companies with global markets. Taiwan Tech GLORIA matches seeds and needs for industries and helps to organize talent cultivation program and industry-academia research projects. Moreover, it focuses on advanced and innovative research applications in the fields of sustainable energy, power electronics, artificial intelligence, smart manufacturing, nanotechnology, and medical technology. With the innovative research power of the university, Taiwan Tech GLOIRA hopes to assist the university and local enterprises to connect to the global industrial supply chain, expand the industry-academia cooperation ecosystem, and upgrades industrial value as well as international competitiveness.

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University and Hispital

This exhibition starts with smart hospital solutions, combined with the school's R&D team, partners and the latest medical services of the affiliated hospitals. From forward-looking artificial intelligence medical imaging, artificial intelligence physiological signal analysis, Artificial intelligence analysis platform, wearable medical materials, digital medical materials, home care system, digital health assessment system, 5G communication combined with medical development, smart optics applied to brain wave research, floating image in medical research, brain-computer interface lower limb intelligent robot recovery Health system, etc. on display.

Netown Corporation

*AI Fat-burn & Heart-rate Monitor System
• No Wearables Needed for leisure and free exercise experience
• Medical Level Accuracy compared with medical pulse oximeter
• Training Target Auto Setup with appropriate strength for user’s age
• Auto Loading Adjustment based on real-time heartrate value
• Fat-burn and Heartrate Keeper for increasing workout time efficacy
• High Heartbeat Risk Prevent by reducing loading automatically
• Privacy Secure Technique by livestreaming analysis w/o recording
• Wide Application Range for any electrical controlled machines

*Smart Evaluation & Training – Interactive Grip Trainer
• Medical Grade with up to 90kg measuring
• Smart Integration with real-time analysis
• Self Challenge with visualized training target
• Quick Screening to analyze frailty risk in 10s
• Rehab Helper with trackable training data

*AI Precise Four Limbs Coordination and Strength Trainer
• Multi-Function Smart Exercise & Rehabilitation Machine for arms and legs
• Comprehensive Health Enhance Solution “Evaluate + Advise + Train + Check”
• Upper & Lower Limbs Move with Instruction for Concentration, Reaction, Execution Training
• Combine of Agility, Stability, Coordination, Controllability

OHGA SmartThings Co., Ltd.

1. The Première Journey
2. AI Data Collection Analyzer
3. iCue Smart Caregiver
4. aérer Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer
5. AI Health Detection Machine
7. Zeta-potential Particle size analyzer
8. betterair Biotica 800

Point Robotics MedTech Inc.

Point Robotics MedTech Inc. is a medical device company specializing in designing and manufacturing surgical robots for orthopedic surgeries. We have two major product lines- "Kinguide Robotic-Assisted Surgical System" and "Kinguide Agile Hybrid Navigation System".

"Kinguide Robotic-Assisted Surgical System" is a robotic solution that helps surgeons to plan and perform spinal surgeries. It has features such as 3D image reconstruction and intra-operative planning; consist of a unique surgical robot enabling real-time surgical tool positioning where the robot’s universal end-effector also allows the user to attach different surgical instruments.

The Kinguide system is embedded with a unique hand-held robot for spinal surgery applications. It offers precise, reliable assistance for pedicle screw implantation. With the interchangeable module design, the system will be adaptable for more indications like herniated disc decompression and vertebroplasty.

"Kinguide Agile Hybrid Navigation System" is a medical imaging solution that provides accurate real-time navigation. Without excessive instruments, it can be easily incorporated into the Hybrid OR setting and provides fast 3D model reconstruction and registration as well as intra-operative navigation.

Together with surgeons and professionals, we strive to pioneer innovative technologies in the operating rooms and improve the experience for both surgeons and patients.

Safe Save Medical Cell Sciences & Technology Co., Ltd

The Pioneer:
has been researching and developing cancer immunotherapy since 1996.

The Lead:
the only cancer immunotherapy PIII clinical trial approved in Taiwan.

Autologous Dendric Cells/Tumor Antigen Immunotherapy


1. SEDA Anti-decubitus mattress (Non-sterile)
The non-powered and static mattress design could facilitate pressure reduction, ulcer prevention, and sleep quality enhancement. And also it has been widely used in Taiwan's hospitals.

2. SEDA Care management mattress system (WhizPad)
「WhizPad」 innovates to integrate the applications of sleep comfort and pressure relief, health management, and care reminders.

Shine-On BioMedical Co., Ltd

Shine-On Biomedical focus on developing innovative multi-specific immune cell engaged antibodies and novelty exosome cargoes carrying various nuclear acid drugs to treat cancer. By doing so, we hope to prolong life and increase the quality of life for the late-stage cancer patients. We developed three “Next Generation" drug development platforms: Trispecific T cell engager, T & NK cell engager & Exosomal nucleic acid drug