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Biomdcare Corporation

IDEAL- Integrity & Innovation Respect, listen and respond to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders . Deliver innovative and competitive products and services . Clearly communicate mutual intentions and expectations . Faithful to our commitments and obligations . Discipline Conduct business with uncompromising honesty, integrity and professionalism in everything we do . Ensure a safe, clean and injury-free workplace and environment . Make and meet commitments . Properly plan, fund and staff projects . Pay attention to all details . Excellence Strive for the highest standards of excellence . Do the right things right . Continue to cultivate, develop and improve new ideas . Take pride in our work . To be the vendor of choice . Achievement To set, challenge and achieve competitive goals . Focus on output . Assume responsibilities . Constructively confront and solve problems . Execute flawlessly . Let's change the world To give people hope and give back to the society . Be an asset to our communities worldwide . Recognize and reward accomplishments . Work as a team with respect and trust for each other .

Biomdcare Corporation

Biomedica focus on the needs of women around the world. With our user-friendly and highly accurate medical AI, we help medical professionals to screen out diseases at all stages of women’s life with simple and accurate solutions.

Our solutions and services are based on medical imaging and molecular medicine, including AI screening tools for osteoporosis, cervical cancer, bladder, blood cancers, and HPV. as well as the X1 Studio and DataSense, a high-performance workstation for easy management of large volumes of medical data.


Established in 1999, the BIONET Group has leveraged cross-border technologies to drive transformative changes in shaping our future as a leading innovator in the fields of cell therapy, precision health, and digital healthcare. The BIONET Group is composed of three subsidiary companies, BIONET Corp., GGA Corp. and BIONET Therapeutics Corp. The BIONET Therapeutics Corp. is dedicated to accelerate the development of various regenerative medicine treatments and new applications of cell therapy.

Our cutting-edge products and technologies, including stem cells, exosomes, genetic testing, CDMO and skin care products, have benefited over 1.6 million people across 17 countries. We serve over 50% of newborns and 95.5% of reproductive medicine centers in Taiwan, and has collaborated with over 500 medical institutions worldwide. Committed to pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine, precision health, and digital healthcare, the BIONET Group strives to lead the industry and enhance the quality of life for people around the world.


Taichung, Taiwan – Bionime, a designer and manufacturer of blood glucose monitoring devices, is in the process of developing its RIGHTEST Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System. Aimed at improving the lives of people with diabetes, the CGM system provides 24-hour glucose tracking.
The RIGHTEST CGM eliminating the need to use fingersticks. Additionally, the CGM is capable of delivering advance alerts of impending hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

BriteMED Technology Inc.

BriteMED, established in 2009, is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. With the trained in-house R&D, production and sales & marketing team, we leverage our parent company’s hardware and software strength to develop complete solutions to improve workflow efficiency and the rising requirement of telemedicine services. At this tradeshow, we will showcase: 12-lead portable ECG (PC-based/Bluetooth), Tele-ECG Kit (for mobile clinics), medical monitor, tele-consultation workstation, medical panel PC, medical carts.


Company intro

BROADSIMS is the first providing an APP-Installable 5G vital-sign solution as an open-innovation platform (5G-VSP), including ECG, SpO2, and NIBP functions for clinical research and care providers, provided with 2 product series (PDK & MDK). Vital-sign signals in 5G-VSP are medical-grade compliant and allowed opening raw-data to 3rd-parties installing their own APP. All measurement history is available any time, creating a smart medical ecosystem.

Pain Points Solutions
 For SI (System Integrator): No need to install APP in tablet or mobile to control discrete peripheral sensors.
 For SI: Variant vital-signs can be captured by installing APP in a single device 5G-VSP.
 For ARG (Academic and Research Group): Vital-sign sensors developed by consumer manufacturers or academic research teams are incompliance with medical regulatory.
 For ARG: Raw data/waveforms cannot be obtained from existing mainstream multi-parameter patient monitors.
 For ARG: Use 5G-VSP to avoid heavy hardware development in their own, saving time and efforts.

In-Hospital: ICU, RCW, Anesthesia Department, Post-Anesthesia, Recovery Room, Ward, ER, Ambulatory, Dialysis Room
Off-Hospital: Telehealth, home care

Bronci Technology Inc.

In MedTech, Bronci provides Chinese and English high-accuracy of medical Speech-To-Text applications such as nursing records, pharmacy, and dentistry. Bronci could customize specialized models for medical specialty fields, such as training speech AI models, adding the medical term, and system integration services.

Camfil Taiwan

ABOUT CAMFIL HELPING PEOPLE BREATHE CLEANER AIR FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY As a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, we provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimise energy use and benefit human health and the environment. We firmly believe that the best solutions for our customers are the best solutions for our planet, too.

CatchGene Co., Ltd.

CatchGene has developed an automated nucleic acid purification system– iCatcher, as well as a variety of circulating cell-free nucleic acid purification kits with high concentration and high yield extracted from liquid biopsy or tissue biopsy samples, which can be applied to various current detection applications. In this way, the bottleneck of molecular diagnosis of cancer can be overcome to achieve the goal of "precision medicine".

Central Taiwan Science Park

Under the leadership of the Central Science Park, biomedical manufacturers in the central region will be exhibited with minimally invasive medical materials, intelligent aids together. In this exhibition, the biomedical products are the main axis. The medical problem solutions will be presented in a situational manner. Also, the medical materials used in the medical device will be exhibited. This experience is enable Visitors quickly understand the characteristics of various types of medical material products by visual connections. The show will be benefit of the central medical material industry settlement.