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Development Center for Biotechnology

Pharmacology & Drug Disposition
Cell therapy


Ditech Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984. The main sales force is the sales of various testing reagents and instruments in clinical laboratories.

Drsignal BioTechnology co., Ltd

DrSignal BioTechnology Co., Ltd. is a biotech-company which leads the world in building an automated cell production line and providing CDMO services as our main business model. The current relevant manufacturers are either the manufacturers that only develop and sell automated machines, or the manufacturers that only provide cell culture OEM services with traditional GTP laboratories. The major difference between DrSignal BioTechnology Co., Ltd. and other manufacturers is the integration of automated production line and AI-assisted manufacture to meet growing demand of better cell quality and quantity.

EirGenix, Inc.

EirGenix is a contract development and manufacturing organization to provide high quality and cost-effectiveness service supporting our clients in development, analytical testing, and cGMP manufacturing of biopharmaceuticals from pre-clinical to commercial manufacturing. EirGenix has also been a leader in the development of HER2 breast cancer biosimilars. It has formed a licensing agreement with Sandoz to globally market. EirGenix offers the service and biologics to clients around the world.

Ever Supreme Bio Technology Co.,Ltd.

New cell drug company on all therapies-Ever Supreme Biotechnology Co., LTD.
New Drug Development:
Focus on immune cell therapies (CAR-T、ADCV、DC-CIK、CIK、GDT)treating cancers and umbilical mesenchymal stem cell treating myocardial infarction, stroke, COVID-19 and other major diseases.
Cell Therapy CMO:
Ever Supreme offers the cell products (ADCV、DC-CIK、CIK、GDT and BMSC) needed by medical institution under the Regulations Governing Specific Cellular Therapeutic Technology of 2018 promogulated by Taiwan FDA.

EXCELsior Pharmatech

Excelsior group has been dedicated to specialty medicines and medical examinations in rare diseases for more than 2 decades. In 2016, Excelsior group established a TGF-beta research center and start up new drug development projects to screen new drug candidates of enhancers and inhibitors targeting at TGF-beta activities in various diseases, such as wound healing, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, liver cirrhosis, pulmonary fibrosis, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer treatments. In 2020, Excelsior group is expanding our team in the field of rare diseases and establish a new research center of specific diseases aim at genetic and metabolic disorders in National Biotechnology Research Park, NBRP. In NBRP, we are investing in precision medical testing, epidemiology study, new drug development, and novel therapeutic technologies in various rare diseases. Besides, we are also looking for more strategic alliances with Academia Sinica, National Health Research Institute and leading medical centers in Taiwan. Our aim is to establish a world-class laboratories in the research of TGF-beta and specific diseases and extend our services to Asian populations.

Fooyin University

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FullHope Biomedical Co., Ltd.

FHB dedicates to the development and application of immunoprofiling and immunotherapy. FHB has also constructed a well-established platform for immune function analysis, which can comprehensively analyze the complicated immune systems of the human body. FHB professional services: 1. Immunoprofiling 2. Circulating Tumors Cells Testing 3. Regulation of Cell Therapy 4. Contracting Immune Cell Manufacturing 5. Immune Cell Bank 6. Contract Research Organization

GeneDireX, Inc.

1. Benchtop & Portable Gel electrophoresis LED transilluminator,BLOOK family- gelBLOOK / uBLOOK / pBLOOK 2. High efficiency Keratinocyte serum free culture system, KeraGo SFM 3. Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cell culture system- mscGo XF medium 4. High sensitivity & specificity nucleic acid detection development: Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification(LAMP) detection plateform

GeneOnline Asia Inc

GeneOnline is a leading biotech media providing in-depth biopharma insights, top KOL interviews, and the latest news on market trends and research breakthroughs.

Our target audience includes academics, biopharma professionals and medics. Our coverage is delivered across multimedia in two languages: English and Chinese. Besides news coverage, we also specialize in hosting international biotech conferences held in the US, Japan, and China, among others. Featuring interviews with eminent KOLs is our core strength. Our channel is your first stop for biotech insights and partnering. Find our coverage and articles at: https://geneonline.com/.