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Strong Biotech Corporation

1. HelicotecUT® Plus
2. HelicotecUT®
3. HelicotecAG®
4. Clostridioides difficile Toxin A/B Rapid test kit
5. Stomach Health Probiotics

TAICEND Technology Co., LTD

Cesarean Section、Postoperative Care Series、Acute Wound、Chronic Wound、Skin Protection&Prevention、Skin Pressure Relief

Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

All-inclusive Day Care Center Prevention of Frailty and Disability Project, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan 1. Integration of health care and welfare services 2. Prevention and delayed frailty and disability 3. Successful aging through nutrition, excise, mental health and care

Taipei City Hospital

本次展覽以呈現本院「人文科技、全人關懷、智慧醫 療」三大方向為主軸

Taipei Medical University

Taipei Medical University and the system combine the research capacity and clinical development, demonstrate the innovative medical technology and characteristic medical services .In addition, a number of health lectures were held, where physicians from each hospital interacted closely with the public to convey new medical knowledge and correct health concepts.

and the innovative medical treatment and characteristics of the Beijing Medical Medical System in the field of technical medical care. Lectures from various research fields in the hospital, close contact between doctors and public services, and convey medical New knowledge and correct health concept.


1.Shared healthcare system for diabetes and kidney.
This system has the potential to increase case acceptance rates and help more patients access high-quality shared care. Simultaneously, clinical care operations and the collection and analysis of research data are taken into consideration. In addition to the medical treatment of diabetes and kidney disease, it also takes care of the complex complications of various organ systems of these patients, as well as the care of metabolic endocrinology and nephrology. In addition, this system could integrate other related healthcare and provide interdisciplinary referral in both directions. Information systems link growth and facilitate the deployment of smart tools.

2.A new option for minimal invasive spine surgery: Endoscopic Spine Surgery
The use of spine endoscope to perform diskectomy and decompression for spinal stenosis has been proven to have clinical efficacy and benefits to the patient. Surgery is performed with minimal soft tissue damage and preservation of the anatomic spine, allowing shorter inpatient stay and quicker recovery time. With the advancement of endoscopic surgery instrumentation, the indications for use of endoscope has broadened to treat unstable spine like spondylolisthesis requiring fusion surgery.

3.Precision Dialysis – Instant Bedside System
Taiwan has the highest incidence and prevalence of dialysis in the world. Hemodialysis frequently leads patient’s discomfort and potential hazard, and also acute and chronic complication. To prevent these adverse effects, optimized and individualized treatment is needed.

Taipei Medical University -Shuang Ho Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare

Shuanghe Hospital has been officially open since July 1, 1997, providing general outpatient outpatient, psychiatric and long-term chronic care services, with a complete range of medical specialties, various types of beds (as of May 1, 207, the total number of beds opened is 1,258 beds, including 800 acute general beds, 100 acute psychiatric beds, 258 beds of special and intensive care beds, 100 beds of psychiatry day hospitals, etc.), and a number of advanced major instruments and equipment (such as Da Vinci robotic arm, positron computer tomography scanner, 3T magnetic resonance scanning contrast device, gamma knife radiation, spiral knife treatment system, etc., and in 103, the attached nursing home and postpartum nursing home were established. In addition, Shuanghe Hospital has a medical apron to provide emergency rescue services for acutely ill patients on outlying islands and remote areas. With the mission of deepening the community, Shuanghe Hospital regularly holds health seminars, health promotion activities and various screening activities to enhance people's health awareness and provide comprehensive health care services, so as to become the guardian of people's health.

Exhibited items
1. INteractive,INcentive,and ldeal breath
2. Use Artificial Intelligence Monitoring on Precision Care for COVID-19
3. Lung breathing chip and cell stretching culture platform and operating method thereof
4. A respiratory health care platform connecting hospital and communities

Taipei Medical University Hospital

Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH), the first affiliated hospital of Taipei Medical University (TMU), was founded in 1976 and has built up the basis between clinical service and medical research education. TMUH continues enhancing medical care quality and reinforcing the hardware and software equipment to provide high-grade medical services. Since 2018, three medical buildings have been renovated; moreover, TMUH introduced an intelligent medical system that gives the hospital a whole new look. The number of hospital beds has increased to nearly 800 beds so far, and the number of faculty and staff has exceeded 2,000 people, making TMUH the benchmark of domestic and international medium-sized hospital.

Exhibited items
1. advanced robot-assisted rehabilitation-center in Taiwan
2.Smart Pump: Patient safer and cost effectiveness

Taipei Municipal Wanfang Hospital (Managed by Taipei Medical University)

Wanfang Hospital Continue to actively recruit medical elites, strengthen the medical level, establish tuberculosis centers, cancer centers, cancer hyperthermia centers, stroke centers, integrated Chinese and Western integrated care centers for pain, burns and difficult wounds, laser cosmetology centers, ... and other developments with unique characteristics.
Wanfang Hospital provides not only professional medical services, but also patient-centered holistic care. Helping patient to recover their health、maintain their health, and promote their health is the most important thing to you.

Taiwan Advance Bio-Pharmaceutical Inc.

Cell Therapy Presentation