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Charder Electronic Co., Ltd.

Precision measurement instruments of all types (Height Stadiometers, Grip Dynamometers, Scales, and Body Composition Analyzers) with optimized data transfer for streamlined measurement and recording procedures


1. For use with respiratory system as breathing tube
2. Smoking tube for beauty industry
3. Material conveying hoses for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotech and food industry

Chi Feng Co., Ltd.

Critical Medical Components Medical Consumables Needle Free Connectors Medical Components Manufacturing Medical Product Design Mold Building Injection Molding Components Assembly Clean Room Production

Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd

New Products:
S0, DB0 6-axis robot
Tool changer system
software PLC / IDE platform

cpcCells Products:
Will-series (Motor Servo Driver),
Iron core Linear Motor,
Ironless Linear Motor, DD motor, Magnetic Encoder
Magnetic Way Encoder, Roller type Linear Guide
Standard Linear Guide Series, ARD Standard 4-Row Ball Bearing Linear Guide Equipped with Cover Strip, Miniature Linear Guide Series

China Productivity Center

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Ching Tai Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.

Medical tubes, medical imaging cables


Disposable Endoscopes

Classico, Inc.







Cognito Health Inc.

Cognito Health is an innovative medical device manufacturer dedicated to improving patient safety for patients and healthcare systems. Cognito Health uses predictive algorithms and smart system that provide a data-driven, contact-free approach to monitor and predict adverse events BEFORE they happen.
The system is comprised of the sensor pad, the control box, and the system software. The sensor detects patient’s movement and position. When the patient gets out of the bed, an audible bedside alert from the control box will be triggered for the patient to await the assistance. The sensor also detects unrelieved pressure points and activities to provide with reposition notification and assist in patient turnover. The collected data is transmitted to the control box and sent to the system software through Ethernet or wireless (2.4GHz/5GHz) network, providing real-time patient status to nursing staff.

Compal Electronics, Inc.

The AI lesion detection and labeling platform applied to cardiac angiography is to help the diagnosis of coronary artery obstruction. Through cardiac catheterization or computed tomography coronary angiography, it is possible to clearly see whether the blood vessels are blocked. However, due to the complex distribution and network of blood vessels in cardiovascular imaging, and the high variability of individual’s structure and the different locations of obstruction, professional physicians are time-consuming and labor-intensive to identify and label, and also the number of cases is high and the load is heavy. In order to speed up the diagnosis of symptoms by cardiologists, the AI lesion detection and labeling system for cardiac angiography has been developed. With the development of algorithm modules and the assistance of AI functions, the number, location and severity of lesions can be quickly identified. It can also reduce errors caused by human beings, and reduce the workload of medical professionals. The detection results can be further provided for cardiologists to plan the follow-up urgical treatment is necessary or not and to establish the key indicators of preoperative evaluation.