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Strong Feet

The new concept of health care developed in the new century, the necessary health care products for everyone from the old to the young, provides the concept of preventive medical for all ethnic groups. Healthy insoles and far-infrared energy products can improve people's feet due to lack of support, resulting in physical imbalance, long-term labor, exercise, and fatigue caused by poor body circulation. It maintain the health of your foot and body, improve poor posture and the troubles derived from poor circulation.


Medical mask

Sundex Corporation

1. Sleep care: Anti-MouthBreathing tape. Safe and easy to use.
2. ioRinse mouthwash: Using unique Molecular Iodine as main active ingredient to help oral care. Zero Alcohol.
3. American Top Brand "Stim-U-Dent" Wooden Toothpick: Special triangle design and choice wood to help clean teeth thoroughly also stimulate gumline. The most popular toothpick in USA.


TANITA Professional / Home-use Body Composition Analyzer. Professional instruments can provide several numerical measurements of body composition and key indicators of sarcopenia, and are widely used in medical institutions, sports and fitness and other fields.




Environmental Cleaning Products Smart medical products Healthy and Nutritious Meals Smart Remote Care System


Chao Qin rou pin, the series of ageless product, which is all age friendly. Moreover, they were named the elderly friendly product by the Council of Agriculture Executive Yuan, and the clean label by the China Grain Research and Development Institute.

Supercell Biotechnology Corporation

Supercell Biotechnology Corporation, transformed from Sino Cell Technologies and join ventured by the Singapore RMT Investment Holdings Group, a international renowned biotechnology investment holdings group, is a regenerative medical and genetic engineering company

RMT Biotechnology Investment Holding Group has been promoting the Asia regenerative industry simultaneously in the world for many years. Following the mainstream of the international regenerative medicine development in the recent years, it has continued to develop and connect with the worldwide regenerative medical skill in clinical application and introduce new medical technology. She introduced the worldwide leading regenerative medicine to Taiwan and commit to optimize the future human genes and improve the medical therapy effect.

Sino Cell Technologies (SCT) is founded in 2001 in Taiwan by blue-chip corporations, social advocates, and experts from the biomedical industry. The company also received supports from prominent scientist in the fields of stem cell science from the United States, Japan, and Taiwan.

SCT is focusing on translational development of stem cells, and specializing in the research and development of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood(UCB) umbilical cord tissue(UCT), placenta, amniotic membrane and other types in the future. SCT offer preservation cell banking service capability with accurate, abundant professional, the high-standard and national scale, which is the first in Asia and the world’s top-ten human genes preservation cell bank. SCT’s operation process, equipment and specification has been approved with Good Tissue Practice (GTP) and passed the Regulation of Administration of Human Organ Preservation of Ministry of Health and Welfare, ISO, TAF and other international certification to ensure quality , purity and visibility of cryopreserved cells. In addition, SCT Autoimmune NK(Natural Killer) therapy have been granted Ministry of Health and Welfare approval for the the stage IV solid cancer therapy under “Regulation Governing the Application or Use Specific Medical Techniques or Examinations, or Medical Devices”. We aspire to develop our own patents in the fields of cell proliferation, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, and medical application, evolving into a comprehensive biotechnology company in the field of cellular science.

Supercell Biotechnology Corporation expects to transformed the SCT, who has built it’s professional cell bank under the high-standard cell process unit(CPU) and leading professional technology for the past 20 years , with RMT Biotechnology Investment Holding Group in the global regenerative medicine platform. Then continuously provide a wider range of service and research and development in the field of stem cell development for future regenerative, prevision and precision medicine. In the meantime, Supercell Biotechnology Corporation will co-operate with the leading worldwide biotechnology partners to co-built the regenerative industry platform to benefit the human being and extend the human life healthily and cleverly.


In line with our mission of “shaping the advancement of healthcare,” which is defined in the “Sysmex Way,” the corporate philosophy of the Sysmex Group, Sysmex works to contribute to the development of healthcare and the healthy lives of people. Since its establishment in 1968, Sysmex has been providing customers around the world with the solutions that enable in vitro testing of blood and urine samples. In addition to the fields of hematology, immunochemistry and hemostasis, we have expanded our business to include the life science domain. We are now an integrated manufacturer, developing and manufacturing the instruments, reagents and software that are needed for in vitro diagnostics and providing sales and support service, supporting human health in more than 190 countries and regions around the world. Recent years have seen aging populations and increasingly diverse healthcare needs in advanced countries, and growing populations and rapid progress in healthcare infrastructures in emerging markets. Against this backdrop, testing and diagnostics have increased in importance, owing to their role in disease prevention and healthcare.