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The CellBio technology can simultaneously use the microfilter and fluorescent staining to separate and recover CTCs from human blood samples according to the size of cells and different surface markers. The CellBio technology at GBC has demonstrated the CTC recovery efficiency of>90 % with in-vitro samples which is better than available market techniques. The optimized structure and process design of the filter membrane are designed to separate CTCs from other blood cells while avoiding cell damage or deformation during filtration. The characterization process is developed for recognizing frequently overexpressed EPCAM and cytokeratin receptors on circulating tumor cells. During characterization, the non-nucleated interference was neglected by DAPI staining and leukocytes by CD45 recognition. The CellBio technology is not only offering high sensitivity and specificity enabling the researchers to analyze CTC but also provides an effective tool for understanding tumor progression.

GeneReach Biotechnology Corporation

GeneReach is dedicated to bringing the innovation to global health management. By developing, manufacturing and marketing products for applied nucleic acid detection technology, we provide pathogen detection platforms to multiple industries and have introduced them into human health industries. The products are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of GMP in addition to ISO 13485.

Genetech Biotech

Genetech Biotech provides NGS-based total solutions and technical support with complete workflows from sample preparation, bulk/single-cell sequencing to bioinformatic analysis.
Besides genomic related products, we also provide multiomic solutions like nucleic acid/protein extraction, CTC isolation and multiplex imaging system, devoting our efforts to fulfill the comprehensive needs of research and clinical customers.

GeneTex International Corporation

GeneTex’s rAb protocol employs a multi-parameter FACS-based approach to isolate antigen-specific IgG+ memory B cells from an immunized animal, with subsequent cloning of the antibody variable-region genes into an IgG backbone and expression in mammalian cells. This protocol is very rapid and can be completed in weeks, and also affords the opportunity to identify antibodies with diverse capabilities in various applications. Importantly, it allows cloning of the heavy and light chains from the same B cell, thereby preserving natural pairing. And once cloned, the supply of a given rAb is inexhaustible with exceptional reproducibility.

Genomics Bio.Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd.

Genomics was founded in 2001 by Dr. T.Y. Chow, a student of Dr. Frederick Sanger who was twice the recipient of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. The company uses “Genomics” as the name to establish a genomic research platform, mainly providing professional technological services. Genomics is Taiwan's biggest commercial genome sequencing company, with a solid foundation of existing technical services, to develop precision medical genetic testing to realize personalized medical information.

Grand Marquis IVD CO., LTD.

From 1980 until present, our clientele has widespread all over Taiwan in major teaching hospitals, medical centers, regional and local hospitals. We are widely recognized as trusted long term partner who is proud of the professional expertise we carry and striving to create a better living as our mission. Backed by strong teams of product specialists, professional sales representatives and knowledgeable engineers, Grand Marquis continue to pursuit its company spirit which is to "Reach far and wide yet leave no details behind". We are proud of our customers and listen to their every needs and suggestions because we treasure every opportunity to be working with them. Our customer will be our top priority because we care.

HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC)

The Stress EEG Assessment (SEA) system developed by HippoScreen Neurotech Corp. (HNC) includes an EEG amplifier for data collection and signal processing, a GUI for test process control, and an AI algorithm for data analysis. It records 90-second brainwave signals to analyze with the AI algorithm and then provides objective and quantifiable stress evaluation index and intuitive data distribution maps in the assessment report. This report can assist doctors to provide a more efficient and accurate diagnosis. SEA system is designed to be a powerful AI tool for professional medical personnel in mental health screening.


At Illumina, our mission is to improve human health by unlocking the power of the genome. By delivering breakthroughs that redefine what's possible in genomics, we empower visionaries around the globe to uncover answers and make life-changing advances.

Intralinks, Inc.

Intralinks, an SS&C company, is a leading financial technology provider for the global dealmaking, alternative investments and capital markets communities. As pioneers of the virtual data room, our technology enables and secures the flow of information, empowering our customers to work more productively and with complete confidence. Intralinks facilitates strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, corporate lending, debt sales, capital raising and investor reporting. Our solutions enhance these activities by streamlining operations, reducing risk, improving client experiences and increasing visibility. We’ve earned the trust and business of more than 99 percent of the Global Fortune 500 and have executed over $35 trillion in financial transactions on our platform.