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Taiwanese Dermatological Society

Demonstrate the diversity and speciality of dermatology, dermatological surgery and skin care.

taoyuan armed forces general hospital

Hand protect you

Tatung Medical & Healthcare Technologies Co., Ltd.

Pharmacy and medication management solutions for hospital and healthcare professionals (ADC, AWS, Carousel)
Hemodialysis Management System
Hospital Command Center-HCC

Timing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

“Timing Herbs” COVI Defense (NRICM101), Traditional Chinese Medicine, OTC drug, herbal supplement, Plasters, or ointments for external use. Cell Therapy CDMO services, TAF testing services.

TMU Taipei Neuroscience Institute

Exablate Neuro, the Magnetic Resonance-guided Focused Ultrasound (MRgFUS) is a Focused Ultrasound platform for treating Essential Tremor and Tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease. It can deliver up to 1,024 ultrasound waves across the skull to precisely ablate a target deep in the brain. The result for many patients is immediate improvement of tremor with no overnight hospital stay.

The ROSA team at Taipei Neuroscience Institute has performed over 350 surgeries and has been designated as the only training facility in Asia-Pacific.
ROSA can be used for any neurosurgical procedure requiring image-guided surgical planning, precise visualization of the patient’s anatomy, and the accurate positioning and handling of instruments. Its advanced planning, navigation, and dynamic guidance functionalities make it easier to perform brain and spine surgery.

TOPUNION Globaltek Inc.

Top Union Globaltek (TGI) was founded in 1993. We own ISO13485, ISO9001, ISO14971, GMP, and CE certificates. We also own TFDA class II products.

We had stay in aviation industrial more than 10 years. Now we focus on Phototherapy Medical Instruments Industrial. Use LLLT, PBMT solid state technology, to develop portable products. Use LED/Lease Diode to develop Light Therapy, for Beauty, Muscle soreness relief, Meridian energy cap, UVC sterilization, and Pet phototherapy clothing. Our goal is to build health live, prevent disease, hold your beauty, and keep your confidence.

We are looking for Regional Distributor, Import/Export Trader, Product Co-development partner.

We do accept OEM & ODM project.


Tri-Service General Hospital


Veterans Affairs Council

Develop precision health care such as smart medicine and cell therapy

WASAI Technology

WASAI-Lightning Bio-IT Platform optimizes Intel CPU and FPGA card performance for genomic secondary analysis. The solution includes highly optimized algorithms for alignment, sorting, mark-duplicates and variant calling, together with the full set of acceleration tools to match the GATK Best Practice pipeline workflow. The solution scales linearly by adding extra FPGA-enabled server nodes to deliver high throughput rates in a cost-effective manner. The solution shortens sample turnaround time and improves TCO with higher density and a better use of computing resources.