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Zuoying Branch of Kaohsiung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.All-round intelligent oxygen supply system. 2.Ship emergency medical and intelligent drug delivery service platform.


Water is an indispensable substance to sustain life, and it is the root of all things. For a long time, human beings have continued to pursue the quality of drinking water, and the market of various water dispensers is almost saturated. The trend of drinking water starts from the basic "clean" water to "healthy" oriented functional drinking water. Developed in Taiwan , it has obtained "invention patents" in the United States, China and Taiwan, and won 13 gold medals and 6 special awards at the world's top 10 international invention exhibitions. BIYOUNG High Dissolved Oxygen Water Dispenser can be adapted with any drinking water and purified water of various brands, and turns into high dissolved oxygen water after passing through the high dissolved oxygen maker. In order to let more people to share the invention patents of Taiwan’s glory, bring the people a healthy life by drinking high-dissolved oxygen water, and quickly promote the aerobic drinking water market. Biyoung BioMedical has launched the "core technology patent licensing" program to provide drinking water machine related industry , or those who are interested in the functional drinking water market, the authorization and cooperation program to create a new blue ocean for the drinking water market. Chen Jian-an, the general manager of Biyoung Biomedical, who is also the inventor, said that he only wanted to solve the problem of reduction of dissolved oxygen in river pollution that caused the death of fish. Finally, inspiration from penguins, he transformed "Bionics" technology to mechanical design. Unexpectedly, he broke through the bottleneck of global research and development, and developed the world's first small high-dissolved oxygen water dispenser that can produce dissolved oxygen from 20 to 120 ppm, not only saving nature, but also benefit human health. Chen Jian-an said that as early as 1931, many Nobel Prize winners in medicine have published the relationship between oxygen and body functions, and solved the mystery of the use of oxygen by cells. He emphasized that the high-dissolved oxygen water machine is not his exclusive invention. Developed countries such as Europe and the United States have already developed it, but they were expensive and bulky. Developed countries have been drinking high-dissolved oxygen water for decades. It is difficult to produce high dissolved oxygen water in dispensers, only bottled water can be reached, and the price is high, so popularization is not easy. Ms. Hong , manager of Biyoung Biomedical, said that the drinking water equipment market is already a red ocean. How to create functional drinking water with added value can create a new blue ocean. Biyoung Biomedical hopes that people can drink healthy water, and protect their health by drinking high-dissolved oxygen water. It is hoped that those who are willing to promote the high dissolved oxygen water market, join Taiwan’s glory invention patents to create higher value and jointly expand the unlimited health market.


LemnaRed®staxanthin was produced by microbial cell factories on industrial fermentation scale though synthetic biology and metabolic engineering concepts. The product was approved by TFDA followed the Guidance on Application for Non-traditional Food Ingredients in 2021. And the same time it was approved for selling in the American market following the New Dietary Ingredient notification of FDA (NDI 1175).




● 臨床:進行美國及台灣臨床試驗,取得更多臨床實證。
● 特管:持續向TFDA申請特管辦法執行,以服務更多病患。
● IPO:往上市櫃方向邁進,接受政府審核並健全公司營運。
● 恩慈:與醫學中心配合,以恩慈療法協助癌症病患,提供更多治療機會。
● CTC:是一種快速、便利的腫瘤檢測方法,提供患者治療前的輔助診斷,以及治療過程中判斷腫瘤轉移、癒後追蹤、藥效評估等。