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JingMao Biotech Ltd Company

JingMao Biotech Ltd Company is the company focusing on clinical diagnostics of Microbiology, POCT, Molecular Biology and Immunology. Our customers are nationwide, including medical centers, local hospitals, private labs, also the governmental department.


Integrated oncology precision medicine Non-invasive liquid biopsy for genome-wide assessment


Kowa Optics Corp. is a leading professional manufacturer/exporter of Video Microscopes (Beauty Scopes). The Video Microscope is a real smart tool, helps SKIN / HAIR / IRIS / MICROCIRCULATION inspections. Under different lenses, the magnified vivid image can be simultaneously observed and analyzed in single or 2 splits or 4 splits frames on TV monitor. And by means of USB interface, the images can also be stored in PC for systematic management or before / after comparison. The purchaser includes: cosmetics company, equipment supplier, medical person, direct sale company, beauty salon owner, beauty school, healthy food supplier…, etc. By means of the vivid images, the beautician (or doctor) can help to simultaneously observe and analyze skin/hair/iris/microcirculation condition for the client, recommend the appropriate health food, skin / hair care products or treatment for the client, in order to create the sales of their products.


BSC,Co2 incubator,cellcounter

Leadgene Biomedical, Inc.

Our company, Leadgene, is a pioneer manufacturer of recombinant proteins and antibodies, and we also provide comprehensive platform development services, including lateral flow assay, ELISA kits, antibody engineering, pharmacokinetic analysis, etc. We assist our clients to establish IVD platforms with material design and production, system setting up, and manufacture of assays.

There are two significant parts to the services that we provide:
1. Diagnostic Platform Development
Leadgene possesses leading-edge technology in antibody design, engineering, and development. Besides being high quality, our antibodies and recombinant proteins are also highly stable, and come with an ISO13485 certified manufacturing system. Our company is the top choice for IVD raw materials, and commits to providing the best products to our customers. In addition, our products are highly specific, sensitive, and stable.
Leadgene is experienced in rare antibody development, such as small molecular antibodies. We have successfully developed anti-indoxyl sulfate (IS) antibodies and the IS ELISA kit. LEADGENE® Indoxyl Sulfate (IS) ELISA is the first CKD detection CE-IVD on the global market. It is a rapid, highly-sensitive, low-cost, and user-friendly tool used for monitoring IS levels. Besides being the pioneer in ELISA development, we have obtained several worldwide patents as well as the CE-IVD certification.

2. Biologics CDMO/CRO
If you would like to begin your biologic research, Leadgene is your trusted partner. We provide one-stop CDMO/CRO services to help our clients with protein/antibody development, antibody humanization, pharmacokinetic analysis, and cell line development. For our cell line development services, we help to establish the cell bank, scale up the cells, and assess the characteristics of the cells.


Silk Fibroin Raw Material and Silk Fibroin Application Products

Lis Tech co.,Ltd

3D printer PCR detection Nematode health care food testing


Demonstration of holistic cell therapy technology platform

LuminX Biotech Co., Ltd.

LuminX was founded in 2020 with the hope of becoming the preclinical standard for all cellular products before they enter clinical trial, with the ultimate goal of being written into the guidelines, becoming a game changer and the best aid to cellular therapy.

Medicare Products Inc.

Seegene Multiplex Real Time PCR MH Guide, Molecular Health PCR MDx reagent and service