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MiCareo Taiwan Co., Ltd

1. MiSelect R System 2. CTC, EPC cell number detection, EGFR mutation detection

Micronbrane Medical Co. LTD

We are Biotechnology Startup based in Taiwan. We provide rapid pathogen identification solutions with own patented host depletion technology which makes it possible to detect unknown pathogen from blood samples in clinical setting within 24 hours.


IVD:JSR IVD reagent、nanoComposix Nanoparticles、CerTest Biomaterials、Access Biologicals Disease State Plasma/Serum、JSR Protein A、ZeptoMetrix Molecular Controls、Empirical Lyophilization Molecular Reagents
Cell Therapy:ABLE Bioreactor、Access Biologicals Serum for Cell Culture、BioMab DSNK Kit、FOGACT Sterilization System、AccuGenomics Internal Standards for NGS




This technology has its unique advantages of ultrahigh sensitivity, high accuracy, velocity, and being user-friendly. Speaking of applications, in addition to COVID19 RNA rapid test that we have received an EUA from Taiwan’s FDA, this technology could cover a variety of applications, including but not limited to: the detection of multiplex respiratory disease, clinical application of diabetes and kidney diseases, the detection of animal cancers, the test of environmental chemicals, and so on. The makers of biomarkers could also leverage this technology to validate the specificity of antibodies.

National Health Research Institutes

The latest research results, technology transfer results, publicity of health education, and publicity products published by NHRI.

Nebulum Technologies

Nebulum 3D Pathology Platform offers a one-stop solution for therapeutic approach optimization. We provide a universal, multi-dimensional visual analytic solution for scientists, clinical researchers and diagnosis professionals. This offers access and insights on biology studies, neuroscience research and pharmaceutical research for clinical diagnosis. Our 3D Whole Tissue Imagine Service will accelerate our client’s research.

Omics Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

HTP antibody screening and production platform & in vivo pharmacology