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Ta Lai Sporting Goods Enterprised

Maxtek Go-Go is focusing on low-frequency electric waves to stimulate deep body muscle. Which could reach deep muscle nerve and accelerate blood circulation by strengthening muscle power. There plenty of symptoms that are targeting to improve and make life easier. For people who are confined to a bed: preventing bedsores. People who suffer from diabetes could be improving the blood circulation of arms and legs. Long-time constipation suffers can use MAPAL Belly belt to help relieve constipation symptoms.

TA-MOU Precision IND. CO., LTD

Medical Device Parts, made by grinders, three-axis, five-axis CNC milling machines, lathes, EDM machines.

TAICEND Technology Co., LTD

Cesarean Section、Postoperative Care Series、Acute Wound、Chronic Wound、Skin Protection&Prevention、Skin Pressure Relief

Taichung Armed Forces General Hospital

1.Rehabilitation Robotic Assistance Systems 2.Intelligent inspection service system ~ Cloud E Clinical Scientist

Taichung Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare

All-inclusive Day Care Center Prevention of Frailty and Disability Project, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan 1. Integration of health care and welfare services 2. Prevention and delayed frailty and disability 3. Successful aging through nutrition, excise, mental health and care

Taichung Veterans General Hospital

1. It is verified that the Bluetooth ear-hook physiological wearable device of Shangyue Technology, a partner manufacturer, is superior to traditional blood oxygen and heart rate detection medical devices in dynamic signal evaluation.
2. In addition to the two physiological signals of blood oxygen and heart rate, it is verified that the Bluetooth ear-hook physiological wearable device of Shangyue Technology can also detect three signals such as blood pressure, ear temperature, and blood perfusion with highly stable signal during dynamic continuous detection.
3. To develop dynamic gait speed, center of gravity and 3D image stability together with the collaborating team Professor Jun-Lin, Wu.
4. To verify the consistency of 3D images of walking and routine walking examinations with Professor Jun-Lin, Wu.
5. The integration of the two dynamic detection technologies can be developed into a new cardiopulmonary capacity test item, and developed into a routine diagnosis and care evaluation.

Taigama Biotech INC.,Ltd

“TGM” liquid wound Protection Spray Using nanotechnology, innovative Chinese herbal medicine formulas combined with deep ocean water combined with microcapsule technology, can quickly reduce inflammation and heal wounds, make the wound appear breathable and non-irritating, and simultaneously provide a protective layer to the wound during the process of repairing the wound to block the risk of infection from the outside world

Taipei Biotechnology Service and Business Trade Associstion

Taipei Biotechnology Service and Business Trade Associstion

Taipei City Hospital

本次展覽以呈現本院「人文科技、全人關懷、智慧醫 療」三大方向為主軸

Taipei Medical University

Taipei Medical University and the system combine the research capacity and clinical development, demonstrate the innovative medical technology and characteristic medical services .In addition, a number of health lectures were held, where physicians from each hospital interacted closely with the public to convey new medical knowledge and correct health concepts.

and the innovative medical treatment and characteristics of the Beijing Medical Medical System in the field of technical medical care. Lectures from various research fields in the hospital, close contact between doctors and public services, and convey medical New knowledge and correct health concept.