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CMP系列,VTM, efswab;代理類:SDB快檢試劑,桌上型的儀器展覽

CSBio Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Pilot scale and Commercial scale peptide synthesizers. Laboratory automated peptide synthesizer CSBio II.


CubicStation, combined with several modules and graphical interface programs, allows the genome analysis process to escape a large number of programming processes and quickly generate various genetic testing reports, allowing medical background staff to analyze and report genetic testing results.

Cypress Technology Co.,Ltd.

Through CYP image processing technology, a wide variety of video formats can be converted, extended, distributed, recorded and streamed. Image quality can be maintained at its highest resolution and be transmitted without the latency typically caused by other streaming solutions. It is easier for medical staff in hospitals or institution to plan the integrated image process, and it is also convenient for the management and maintenance of the system integrator after it is set up. Finally, it can help medical staff such as doctors and medical laboratory scientist to make medical images management, multi-source medical image viewing, quarantine report production, etc. on the same system

cytena Bioprocess Solution co. Ltd

The mission of CytenaBPS is : Revolution of Cell Culture. CytenaBPS provides the high throughput microbioreactor for parallel cultivations in 96/24 well plates capable of bringing production bioreactor condition to the early stage. This changes the way biopharmaceuticals used to screen, and further become a new alternative for large-scale bioreactors, further providing faster treatment to patients Our patented microbioreactor technology – c.bird, can offer a solution, to empower pharmaceutical companies to serve patients in a faster and better way! S.NEST™, a state-of-the art microbioreactor that maximizes cell growth while monitoring and analyzing cell conditions from start to finish. Well-known for combining innovative bioscience technologies with best-in-class software development, Cytena BPS has developed their new microbioreactor to disrupt the field of cell line development (CLD).


Circulating Tumor Cell Capturing BioChip


Noni fruit tea, from Kaohsiung farm, is self-produced and sold. It has been inspected by the Central Animal Husbandry Association to be free from pesticides and heavy metal pollution. The process is sun-dried, dried, baked to remove odor, and made into tea bags. The aroma and glycol effect are widely suitable for all ages. There are three ways of eating: hot brewing, cold brewing and stewing. Today's mainstream in the world health care market Exclusive bake-dry technology removes odors. "Noni Fruit Tea - A New Concept of Health and Wellness" Won the 110th Taiwan Top 100 Souvenir Award Passed HACCP international standard food safety management system certification Won the Consumer Gold Award and the National Excellent Product Gold Award And insured Hetai product insurance for 20,000,000 yuan. "Daying gives you - the purest good taste of true nature!"

Daikso CO., LTD.

Plug and play AI platform
Different from the traditional single-purpose and bulky equipment, Daikso uses a common mobile platform and the self-developed \"Daikso Box\" to connect different medical equipment in series with the same set of devices.
It also cooperates with the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine of Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to obtain data and develop core AI computing components, which can achieve high-accuracy prediction and analysis in different medical fields.
The vision of Daikso is that doctors hold light and handy mobile devices, which can be connected to different devices for AI computing assistance; general public can use their mobile phones to analyze and predict the data from previous inspections.

Daopin Incorporation

Strata Finder: WGS AI analysis Magic Bison: rapid clinical NGS data analysis, annotation and interpretation system


本產品是由整復師自行發明設計的特殊整復專用椅,頸椎至腰椎整個脊柱的痠痛問題,它都能輕鬆幫您調理。體積小功能大,可機動性移動,隨時隨地都可以使用它,它是緩解痠痛的利器,也兼具紓壓、幫助睡眠與保健功能。 ️公司放一台,工作壓力大覺得累了就躺一下,伸展運動一下腰背,讓經絡通暢,整天神清氣爽,用來午休小睡可輕鬆入睡又舒適。 ️家裡放一台全家人都可以使用,想到了就去躺一下拉拉脖子拉拉背、腰,即可維護全家人肩、頸、腰、背的健康。