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A.Electric labor-saving equipment,electric tugs and electric meal transportation cart,which create a better working environment and prevent occupational injury.

B.AMR logistic system

Maxima Biotech Inc.

Minimally invasive surgery has become one of the most used surgical techniques with monopolar/bipolar instruments as the mainstream. However, such instruments include risks such as but not limited to thermal injury and nerve damage. “Maxima” Cordless Ultrasonic Dissector significantly diminishes such risks by producing ultrasonic energy which not only increases surgical safety but also shortened the recovery time of patients.

In addition, the cordless design of this product increases the freedom of movement for surgeons such as passing the device. Last but not least, the multifunctional design including clamping, dissection and coagulation reduces the frequency of device changing in procedures.

Medalliance Inc.

Provides workflow based Solution-as-a-Service offerings with tailored designed medical IoT equipment and workflow assistant software to enhance the efficiency of mobile nursing, patient engagement, telemedicine, remote home care use case scenarios for healthcare provider in acute care, post-acute care, and long term care facilities.

MedicalTek Co., Ltd.

1. “MedicalTek” Endoscopic Imaging system and accessories an endoscopic visualization system,is one of the pioneers in the field of endoscopic imaging.It provides a real-time 3D vision of surgical image. 2. “MedicalTek” Lascaux Medical Recorder MS-300 is a dual channel Full HD/4K/3D medical video recorder with multifunction and intuitive interface. It provides quality recording and snapshots and can connect to hospital network system.

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc.

Medimaging Integrated Solution Inc. (MiiS) was established in 2010. The company has been utilizing a profound optical systems and electrical technology foundation, combined with mechanical engineering, imaging processing and software integrated system. And MiiS is integrating the resources of academic research and medical clinical results to provide medical digital imaging solutions. Our vision is to become an “AI medical innovative technology company”, which is dedicated to improving human health and helping more people.


In the modern of the clinical, the fetal monitor commonly using application in department of gynecology and obstetrics in hospital. The fetal monitor using the principle of ultrasound to obtain fetal heart rate, if the power of ultrasound is higher to safety range, the equipment have presence of risk factors.
Thus, this product will develop a passive fetal monitoring system, which does not require the use of ultrasonic technology, and simplifies the monitoring device and operation; users can operate it by themselves, with software and network, to provide physicians for follow-up analysis or diagnosis in the form of home care.

Metal Industries Research & Development Centre

Medical Devices & Healthcare
*Functional implant medical device
*Intelligent diagnostic system
*Intelligent surgical system
*Intelligent healthcare


After COVID-19, we’ve seen tremendous requirements for Digital Healthcare Transformation in the world, and it is happening now. A lot of IT companies and hospitals are trying to use IoT-based wearable devices, cognitive situation awareness, digital twins, mixed reality, 5G Network, cloud platform, and AI related technologies to improve health team productivity, patient experience, end-to-end operation efficiency and so on. Although these technologies each offer highly potential for value creation within healthcare system, when these capabilities come together to enable vertical or horizontal integration, that the ultimate collaboration across different departments and people will achieve true value co-creation in the extended healthcare ecosystem.

Mikotek Information Inc.

The Miko Drip System intelligently monitors the real-time status of the IV drip speed and supports a "plug and play" mode. Miko Drip can change detailed information such as drip settings through the buttons of the device or mobile APP and also accurately monitors the remaining time of the infusion. When the drip is about to end or the infusion process is abnormal, Miko Drip alert by LED lights and sound, and send out information to the mobile APP at the same time. The Miko Drip System combined with the Miko IoT medical care management platform can provide notifications to a specific caregiver according to related schedule, and integrate the drip information and display on Miko NIS at nursing station.


MING FONG's VIROCRUSH patented technology was invested in research and development to solve customers' needs in medical industry for anti-bacterial and anti-viral products, to help reduce potential bacterial and viral infections that may be caused by the use of the product in the environment. The VIROCRUSH process is suitable for soft and hard plastic polymers, silicone, and tempered glass surfaces. To form a nano-protective layer under the surface of the substrate product to make your products provide 24/7 antibacterial and antiviral protection during a secondary processing after molding!

With 38 years of professional mold manufacturing and injection molding experience, MING FONG provides high supreme service for plastic products applied to the medical industry.

-Product development and design
-Mold design and fabrication
-Plastic parts single/double injection
-Post-processing integration
-Final products assembly
-Inspection, packaging and shipment

MING FONG emphasizes the technology-oriented and implement solid comprehensive management to service every customer with good cooperation experience. We’re committed to deliver quality service to every customer and take the customer satisfaction first as the goal as our honor!