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NFUS Corporation

NaviFUS Corporation is a medical device company specializing in non-invasive, precise, and cost-effective focused ultrasound (FUS) solutions for clinically unmet needs. Many brain-related diseases currently lack effective drug treatments, as drug delivery to the brain remains a major hurdle to translational therapy; some diseases are also resistant to drug therapy. NaviFUS aims to drive revolutionary clinical solutions for patients through FUS interventions while also providing value to pharmaceutical companies by potentially enhancing drug efficacy.

NaviFUS technology originates from the innovative research of founder and Chief Technical Consultant, Dr. Hao-Li Liu, which has been architected into two main platforms:
1) NaviFUS System FUS device – FUS system that can temporarily open the BBB or help reduce epilepsy symptoms; it has 3 different models in development (preclinical research model, animal FUS therapy model, and clinical research model) and
2) NAVIRFA Needle Tracking System – optical tracking system that visualizes the location, orientation, and projected trajectory of needles used in minimally invasive surgeries; research is currently in development for its usage with radiofrequency ablation needles, but other planned clinical applications include biopsy, pain management, and other procedures.

North-vision Tech. Inc.

North-vision’s core competitiveness is the strong innovational capabilities within our R&D force. We mainly focus on Medical Device RD research. Starting from PCR Machine, now
we have the Products of Multi-parameter Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, Portable ECG and etc. Just like to Emphasize that our Products are not only Stand alone, but can connect to the HIS or cloud through wire or wireless including RS-232, USB, Bluetooth, Wifi, 4G and etc. Sincerely, we are looking for a long term partner relationship with you.

North-vision Tech. Inc.

North-vision was founded in 2006, and moved to the current location in HsinChu Science Park since 2010. We have the Products including Patient Monitor, Pulse Oximeter, ECG, and PCR Machine. Hydrogen & Oxygen Generator is NEW product just launched in the market which may provide Sufficient Oxygen as well as Anti-Inflammatory function of Hydrogen to the patients especially on lung disease. We welcome your comming on this Exhibition.

Parktron Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Hospital Auto-Pay Kiosk Smart Access Control System

Parktron Technology Co., Ltd.

Smart Hospital Self-service Payment Kiosk
Smart Access Control System

Physik Instrumente (PI) Taiwan Ltd.

Piezoelectric components, piezo flexure stage, precision positioning stage, hexapod, gantry system, air bearing, motion controller, capacitive sensor, vacuum positioning stage.


To assist Hsinchu Science Park in taking care of the exhibition


24V Wheel-Chair Battery Packs, 24V PowerBank, 24V Lithium Battery Packs, MICRO-USB Version of 5V Battery Packs, TYPE-C Version of 5V Battery Packs, Li-ion Chargers

Precious Mountain Ent. Corp

At Evolguard, it is our mission to make you feel safe and comfortable in everything you come across or touch. Evolguard's persistence: from the home environment to the work environment or gastronomy and recreation, everyone can benefit from medical-grade protection.

Qing Sheng Health Management Consultant Co. Ltd.