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Quanta Computer Inc.

AI Cloud for Medical Care(QOCA aim) AI Platform for Telemedicine(QOCA atm) AI Patient Care(QOCA apc)


Lubricant and release agent for medical device

Refront IoMT

We will demonstrate the latest Pyxis Refrigerator and variety of patient information display solutions.


Rapid!xp Pulsed Xenon Ultraviolet Disinfection System is widely used in US medical institutions, long-term care institutions. The Rapid!xp light has a wavelength of 200 ~ 470 nm, including UVC, UVB, and UVA. With the high-intensity irradiation of more than 1,530 W/m² per pulse, various pathogen-destroying mechanisms are activated to eliminate harmful micro-organisms, pathogens, and allergens. Rapid!xp can prevent air and surface germs, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, bacterial spores, fungal spores, and disinfection rates > 99.9 % ( 3 ~ 5-log ).

Rapid!xp can be remotely controlled through the IMMUNE! App software, and the Rapid!calculus can be used to calculate the disinfection time according to the desired disinfection target. We believes that the Rapid!xp can provide more convenient, more effective protection, and labor-saving operation to reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases. The Rapid!xp can be a tool of epidemic prevention.

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Remex Medical Corp.

"Anatase" Spine Navigator got both US and Taiwan FDA clearance in early 2020. So far, we have accumulated over 160 surgical cases within 1 year.
Major features:
Real-Time Visulized Navigation
Efficient Intraoperative 3D Image Construction
Innovation Non-Contact Procedure

>98% reduction in radiation exposure
•Cost-effective image reconstruction with pre-CT image and only 2 X-ray images.
>98% screw placement accuracy
•Real-time Image guidance for all pedicle screw implementation workflow.
Maximum compatibility of screw system
•User-friendly instrument verification and RFID non-contact device replacement procedure.
Cortical Bone Trajectory (CBT) Navigation
•Unique image viewer for different procedure
•Procedure category : MIS TLIF, PLIF, OLIF, MIDLIF, Deformity


he basis of the escomatic D5 CNC is identical with the one of the escomatic D2 CNC. Machine base, straightening unit, feed system and rotating tool head are absolutely identical with the D2. On the escomatic D5 CNC the counter collet of the D2 has been replaced by a system for the front machining which consists of a cross table with 2 axes supporting 2 drilling spindles, one threading/tapping spindle and one counter collet with programmable positioning. The CNC control allows for flexible and optimized manufacturing of turned parts without cycle time loss. The advantages of cam driven machines are maintained. The very simple programming system which is based on the experience of operators allows all operators to learn to operate and program the machine within a few hours.

Roche Diagnostics Ltd., Taiwan

Roche Diagnostics is committed to providing better testing and medical services for patients, and continues to move forward with the spirit of innovation and the belief of putting patients first. This time, Roche will share topics such as innovative medical technology, development of key disease diagnosis, and cancer genetic testing.

SALTO Systems

SALTO Systems is a global leader in the development and manufacture of world-class access control solutions, particularly in sectors where security is critical – from airports and healthcare to government, education, sport and entertainment venues, hotels, and more. The company revolutionized access control with a pioneering approach that featured the first stand-alone, battery-powered electronic lock; the SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card technology; and the first wireless access control system that combined a stand-alone locking device with online, real-time capabilities – all without using wires or mechanical keys. Its leading-edge hardware and software technologies are in use in more than 15,000 installations worldwide, with an estimated 20 million daily users. SALTO has local offices in more than 25 countries and a partner network that extends its reach to nearly every region of the globe.

SanJet Technology Corp.

1. Chromogenic Rapid Screening Analyzer
2. Eco-Wet Liquid Extinguisher
3. Carbon Fiber Fabric Heating Pad

Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center

STB Program aims to train the next generation of medical technology innovators and create an innovative Med Tech platform in Taiwan. SPARK Taiwan cultivates future teams in preparation for the entrance into the biotechnology industry.