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E-Ben Technology Co., Ltd.

This design is the first in the world to develop instruments for oral cancer patients, which can simplify the current surgical instruments and procedures. Combining the tool design of low resistance and high cutting efficiency with the rapid suction device, it can simultaneously shave and suction tissue to achieve minimally invasive, rapid, and safe surgical results.


Recirculating UV Air Purifier Galvanized steel sheet equipped with: 1. The highest grade HEPA14 filter: In addition to filtering out the second-hand smoke harm of PM1, which is common in life, it can also filter finer PM0.03 suspended particles. 2. Formula activated carbon: activated carbon soaked in special formula can absorb and neutralize acid and alkali substances in the air. 3. Philips UV lamp: short wavelength of 253.7nm, which directly destroys the structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the center of microbial life, so that the protein that constitutes the microorganism cannot be formed, causing it to die immediately or lose its ability to reproduce .


Oracle HGBU eCloudValley Oracle Team (ExaCC Demonstration) KenKone Medical Co., Ltd. (AI Voice smart Input)

Energy Resources International Co. Ltd , Hsinchu Branch

a. Handheld Dental X ray machine (AG100)
License: Taiwan QMS, ISO 13485, TFDA, FDA
1. Battery-powered design
2. Compact, portable
3. Extreme low radiation dosage and leakage
4. High image quality
5. Backscatter shield provided to prevent operator from radiation exposure

b. CVXair - Portable X ray unit for Chest and Extremities :
License: Taiwan QMS submitted (2022/06)
1. First development of X ray machine for extremities and chest screening
2. Lightest portable X ray unit in the world, only 3.2 KG
3. Can be used in far distancing tele-medicine or home care environment
4. Can be cleaned and disinfected by plastic bag wearing and removal
5. Low radiation and low leakage
6. Use a stand/bracket system, it is easy to set up in different location

EnSense CO., LTD.

Medical devices and components supply: differential pressure sensors, flow sensors, micropumps, temperature and humidity sensors...etc.


The RETINA is a stereotactic surgery navigation system for Neurosurgery, Craniofacial, E.N.T., Plastic Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and other types of minimally invasive surgical applications.

The RETINA combines intelligent medical technologies and services which can integrate digital medical imaging for better surgical accuracy. It is compatible with many instruments already used in the OR, which have become a perfect complement while working during surgery. The RETINA also reduces unnecessary tissue injuries, to aid in minimally invasive surgeries, improve surgical quality, and reduce the risk of surgical complications, which provide overall better medical service for patients.

EPROB Robotic Arm + AI is an advanced surgical system that performs robotic-assisted minimally invasive surgery. The robotic arm is controlled through precise coordinates and parameters processed through a navigation system where surgeons have full manageability of the instruments required in various types of brain surgeries.

EPROB Robotic Arm + AI is an innovation in which the surgeon, guided by its experience, performs minimally invasive procedures better and faster by reducing human-related errors which could cause complications. The system delivers highly magnified and 3D high-definition views of the surgical area, allowing surgeons to guide instruments through a single small incision during surgery.

FanRuan Software Co., Ltd.

FanRuan Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FanRuan), founded in 2006, is a professional big data BI and analytics platform vendor in China. Specializing in BI and data analysis, we are committed to providing one-stop BI solutions to businesses around the globe.
We are the front runner in terms of professional standards, organizational size, service scope and clients, and have been highly recognized by many professional consulting organizations including Gartner, IDC and CCID. We were selected as one of “Forbes Top 50 Potential Chinese Unlisted Companies” in 2018 and one of “Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises" for three consecutive years in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Filmwin Medical Material Coating Corporation

Medical silicone dressing、Medical silicone patch、PCR sealing film、Silicone Kinesiology Tape、Silicone gel facial mask、Fluorosilicone paper、Fluorosilicone film

Finex Co., LTD. Taipei Branch

WILMO electrical stimulator is for rehabilitation of the people with hemiplegia due to stroke. It is wearable and lightweight, operable easily, and fitter to
your body.This medical device is developed and manufactured in Japan.