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Bonus Winner Online Entertainment Co.Ltd,.

Bonus Winner Online Entertainment Co. Ltd. has jointed a three years research with National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University on study of “Anti-aging physical and mental health benefits for senior citizens playing Mahjong games”. Under the leadership of Dr. Liang-Kung Chen, Director of Taipei City Guandu Hospital, and Dr. Heng-Hsin Tung, department head of Nursing, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, the team recruited community seniors above age of 55 and using Mahjong as an intervention measure. In the study, they were able to see the physical and mental health influence of online Mahjong games on older seniors. Assessments of brain MRI were carried out in the research. The study found, throughout the research, that seniors who played Mahjong were more positive physically and mentally health wise compared to seniors who did not play Mahjong. The details of the research will be demonstrated in this exhibition.



BriteMED Technology Inc.

BriteMED, established in 2009, is dedicated to manufacturing and marketing innovative medical devices and electronic medical solutions that improve clinical workflow and enhance patient care. With the trained in-house R&D, production and sales & marketing team, we leverage our parent company’s hardware and software strength to develop complete solutions to improve workflow efficiency and the rising requirement of telemedicine services. At this tradeshow, we will showcase: 12-lead portable ECG (PC-based/Bluetooth), Tele-ECG Kit (for mobile clinics), medical monitor, tele-consultation workstation, medical panel PC, medical carts.


Company intro

BROADSIMS is the first providing an APP-Installable 5G vital-sign solution as an open-innovation platform (5G-VSP), including ECG, SpO2, and NIBP functions for clinical research and care providers, provided with 2 product series (PDK & MDK). Vital-sign signals in 5G-VSP are medical-grade compliant and allowed opening raw-data to 3rd-parties installing their own APP. All measurement history is available any time, creating a smart medical ecosystem.

Pain Points Solutions
 For SI (System Integrator): No need to install APP in tablet or mobile to control discrete peripheral sensors.
 For SI: Variant vital-signs can be captured by installing APP in a single device 5G-VSP.
 For ARG (Academic and Research Group): Vital-sign sensors developed by consumer manufacturers or academic research teams are incompliance with medical regulatory.
 For ARG: Raw data/waveforms cannot be obtained from existing mainstream multi-parameter patient monitors.
 For ARG: Use 5G-VSP to avoid heavy hardware development in their own, saving time and efforts.

In-Hospital: ICU, RCW, Anesthesia Department, Post-Anesthesia, Recovery Room, Ward, ER, Ambulatory, Dialysis Room
Off-Hospital: Telehealth, home care

Bronci Technology Inc.

In MedTech, Bronci provides Chinese and English high-accuracy of medical Speech-To-Text applications such as nursing records, pharmacy, and dentistry. Bronci could customize specialized models for medical specialty fields, such as training speech AI models, adding the medical term, and system integration services.


Electric massage mattress, home furniture related

Caduceus Biotechnology Inc.

Caduceus Biotechnology Inc, founded in 2016 with its origins in the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan, is an innovative company focusing on the design and fabrication of microarray scanners and related customer tailored-products. Before company setting up, we got the first founding from Hermes-Epitek. Caduceus's SpinScan Microarray Scanner(TFDA, CE-IVD), is based on a modified optical pickup head, akin to well-established DVD technology in the molecular diagnostic market. It is the only reader where 6 slides can be read at one time. Moreover, the platform is easily scalable simply by faster rotation scan with the corresponding upgrade in detection. It’s an open system for all the detection like DNA, peptide, protein, antibody, and cell chips.

Camfil Taiwan

ABOUT CAMFIL HELPING PEOPLE BREATHE CLEANER AIR FOR OVER HALF A CENTURY As a leading manufacturer of premium clean air solutions, we provide commercial and industrial systems for air filtration and air pollution control that improve worker and equipment productivity, minimise energy use and benefit human health and the environment. We firmly believe that the best solutions for our customers are the best solutions for our planet, too.

CARE PLUS Dr.advice

This is to certify that Build a smart management platform-which use of mobile health APP in Pharmacies and EC Website to make a great Customer experience of CARE PLUS Dr. Advice.

CareMore International Inc.