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1. For use with respiratory system as breathing tube
2. Smoking tube for beauty industry
3. Material conveying hoses for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, biotech and food industry

Chi Feng Co., Ltd.

Critical Medical Components Medical Consumables Needle Free Connectors Medical Components Manufacturing Medical Product Design Mold Building Injection Molding Components Assembly Clean Room Production

Chi Lai Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

The scalp skin shampoo recommended Taiwan patented invention CONTIN enzyme planted shampoo, can effectively improve the scalp oil, scalp itching and other issues, wash the scalp relaxed, hair fluffy, hair naturally abundance! The biggest difference between CONTIN enzyme plant extract shampoo and other shampoo products is that we add 50% garlic enzyme plant extract into our products. Our extract has been approved by SGS and certifying authority that antibacterial effect against Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes was 99.9%; the antimicrobial effect of Bacillus sp. 98.36%.

Chi Mei Medical Center

【The theme of the exhibition】
3D printing technology
surgical gauze multi-function (counting, weighing) automatic counting
Pupil size reading card clip
AI prediction model was built from our IVF dataset and provided reliable outcome prediction of the pregnancy rate and twin pregnancy risk after IVF-ET
The comprehensive genomic profiling for liquid biopsy
Precise pain management and nutrient analysis
Intelligent Operating Room
Saliva-based rapid test for early detection of oral cancer
Cancer (I). We are Together

Chieftek Precision Co., Ltd

New Products:
S0, DB0 6-axis robot
Tool changer system
software PLC / IDE platform

cpcCells Products:
Will-series (Motor Servo Driver),
Iron core Linear Motor,
Ironless Linear Motor, DD motor, Magnetic Encoder
Magnetic Way Encoder, Roller type Linear Guide
Standard Linear Guide Series, ARD Standard 4-Row Ball Bearing Linear Guide Equipped with Cover Strip, Miniature Linear Guide Series

China Medical University & Healthcare System

China Medical University Hospital works in close collaboration with the world’s top universities, medical centers, and research institutes. The remarkable accomplishments of China Medical University have been well recognized by the world: ranks 60th in Asia University Rankings 2019, the first among private universities in Taiwan. CMU Healthcare System strives for excellence in healthcare. We invest our efforts in developing top-notch medical technologies, such as stem cell therapy, gene therapy, and AI Hospital. Meanwhile, our projects on “Hsinchu International Health Science Park” and the “Shuinan International Health Science Campus” together create an environment for developing cutting edge biomedical research, industry-academia collaboration platforms and startups. As frontline in central Taiwan, CMUH continues to build on a strong basis for acute and critical disease healthcare. The faculty are committed to permanent objectives of instruction, research, and medical services. Above all, we also put great emphasis on social responsibility. Moreover, we envision to be an “excellent world-class medical center with the best integration of western and Chinese medical” and “world-renowned high-tech biomedical park.”

China Productivity Center

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Ching Tai Electric Wire & Cable Co.,Ltd.

Medical tubes, medical imaging cables


1. Indoor Purification System – integrate Indoor Air Sensor, Indoor Air Purifier, and AI Cloud Platform to monitor indoor air quality and destroy indoor pollutants such as odors, viruses, bacteria, molds, and volatile organic compounds 24/7.
2. Indoor Positioning - When the medical staff feels threatened, he/she can press the tag to transmit an emergency alarm with in-door positioning information. The emergency message will be delivered to the security station to alert safety guards.
3. Medical Equipment Tracking - track, find, and access important medical equipment much easier with indoor positioning technology. The system updates the real-time locations of hospital assets, so the valuable equipment can be clearly located and visualized.
4. Smart baby Care - Attach a Tag to the newborn, and the system will send an alarm when the baby is abnormally taken out of the baby room. The nursing system shows the location of the baby to prevent the baby from being kidnapped by outsiders.
5. Patients Tracking - Locate patients and send alerts when they leave safe areas or press the button to call for help. The system alerts caregivers and shows the location on a map in real-time, allowing the caregiver to quickly rush to the location of the accident for assistance.


Disposable Endoscopes