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Various medical wires and wire assemblies of medical wire assemblies. All kinds of professional electronic wires for computers and electronic products, waterproof communication wires, and digital electronic wires. Automatic control of professional peripheral accessories, various professional medical system wiring, and medical instrument wiring. Customized R&D design, professional mold design, professional manufacturing and production.

Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Incubation Center, MOEASMEA

Seamlessly linking the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Hospital and the R&D Center will help to create a comprehensive Biomedical Science Incubation Center. The integration of resources will promote the commercialization of research achievements by the academic and research communities, as well as spin-offs and start-ups, thereby enhancing the economic benefits of the biotechnology industry. The main focus will be to cultivate the high-end medical devices industry, with emphasis also to be placed on the development of new pharmaceuticals. Top-notch companies will be enticed to establish a presence in the center. In the short-term, recruitment efforts will be centered on firms dedicated to developing medical devices that utilize Taiwan's strengths in ICT, as well as firms focusing on drug delivery.

Hsinchu Science Park Bureau, Natiional Science and Technology Council

Hsinchu Science Park Bureau and 14 Biomedical firms will participate 2022 Healthcare Expo. In the pavilion of the Science Park, we will introduce R & D achievements of the biomedical industry, demonstrating the applications of AI and cloud technology in medical departments. We will also promote the ecosystem of the Hsinchu Biomedical Park to open up new global market.


HLBT considering about the clinical and market needs, we cooperated with orthopedics physician to develop a new type of metacarpal joint which is made from Taiwan. This replaceable metacarpal joint with innovative concept, precise structure and modular design that breakthrough the traditional thoughts, which is not only convenient to use during clinical operation but also reduce the cost and the stress from purchasing, creating a perspective blue ocean market.

On the other hand, HLBT also possess with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and GMP certificates to provide perspective clients ODM, ODM and CDMO services, the products including bone screw, bone plate and medical implants are all our core competence.

Huede Healthtech Co.,Ltd.

1. APTS_V (Advanced Physiological Transmitting System for
2. PTS_P, ( "Huede" Infusion Transmitting System)
3. iEMS (Intelligent Emergency Medical Service)
 AHHCS(Automated Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring System)
 APTS F ( APTS Fetal Monitor Central Station)

HuiJia Health Life Technology Co., Ltd.

Huijia Health with patented core technology- Non-invasive Fiber Optic Physiological Monitoring Technology (nFOPT®) and Smart Care System using the principle of total reflection of optical fiber, there is no electromagnetic field change (no electromagnetic wave) in each action. It is a high-sensitivity and high-accuracy physiological sensor that can monitor changes in physiological activities such as breathing, heart rate, blood pressure, sleep analysis, and activity status. Product applications include smart (bed) films, smart beds, smart wheelchair cushions, smart assistive devices, smart care system for taking care a lot of elders and babies at the same time, etc.

hyGene Biotech Company LTD.

HYGENE BIOTECH Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. HYGENE has been familiar with product professionalism and customization for 15 years, and upholds a positive and dedicated service attitude. We provide enterprises with an integrated electronic management system that conforms to ISO and FDA standards、accurate testing reagents、equipment and software and hardware. Those will accelerate the industry to comply with PIC/S GMP, and take ISO and FDA's standard spirit as the basis of service. HYGENE able to assist customers to create a full-round of and diversified excellent and high-quality services. The first brand of electronic software service provider in the field of biopharmaceuticals.


ICON INC. is representative of Puritan Medical Products for whole Asia market. Puritan, as a leading manufacturer for swab products globally, can offer a variety of swab and transport system for different kind of fields including diagnostic, forensic, genetics, medical, environmental inspection, critical environment...etc. and Puritan is an over 100 years USA manufacturer.
PurFlock Ultra and HydraFlock are worldwide patented. And the registrations and certificates on TFDA, CFDA, CE, FDA, PMDA, MDSAP, ISO … are available.

Ideabus Technology LLC

LTPA Dementia Precision Training Program contains 4 stages and it's based on empirical medicine and data science to delay cognitive and physical decline.

igus Taiwan Company Ltd.

It is crucial that the components used in medical equipment be self-lubricating, cleanroom-compatible, media-resistant, corrosion-free and noise-dampening. igus® supplies products that encompass all of these properties. e.g. X-ray robots, laboratory devices, patient chairs, hospital beds, prostheses, operating theater devices, rehabilitation systems, imaging diagnostic equipment and more.