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Ten Chen Medical Group
Yu-Mei Chang is the chairwoman of Ten-Chen Medical Group (TCMG) and a member of the Central Standing Committee of Kuomintang (KMT). She established Ten-Chen Medical Group (TCMG) with her husband Dr. Wan-Hsing Hsu in 1991. Ten-Chen Medical Group which includes Zhong-Li Metropolitan Hospital, Yang-Mei Local Community Teaching Hospital and one long-term care facility, making TCMG the largest medical group in southern Taoyuan City.
Facing the global ageing trend, Taiwan’s ageing population growth is greater than US and UK. TCMG builds an 800-bed long term care facility in the city center in 2016, named it “golden age" series. The Golden age series contains nursing home, high end retirement housing, and smart hospital, which provides a total care one-stop shop service to our community for all age group. We are dedicated to create an ageing in place community, and to establish a truly ageing friendly place, furthermore to enhance the development of sliver economy for all generation.
In 2016, Ten-Chan Hospital and Singapore listed company, Forchn Investments (Singapore) Pte.Ltd joint invested Fuchun Golf Resort. Yu-Mei as the executive director of Healthcare and long term care division, she supervises the planning of Hangzhou Gongwon Renya outpatient center, four specialized health centers in the resort. Connecting the resource from Stanford University international medical department, Fuchun Golf resort creates a luxury leisure and healthy atmosphere for you, immerse yourself in the pure serenity and beauty of nature right by the ancient capital of Hangzhou.

TFBS Bioscience, Inc.

TFBS Bioscience Inc. is the first contract research organization in Taiwan that focuses on biological safety and quality testing. Over the years, TFBS has provided cost effective and scientifically testing to biopharmaceutical companies worldwide.
TFBS services:
1. Cell and gene therapy safety testing
2. Cell bank establishment and characterization
3. Studies of viral clearance
4. Bulk lot release testing
5. Preclinical and clinical sample analysis
6. Assay development in vitro and in vivo
7. Viral vector manufacturing

The Live Young, Yang Liber Industry Co., Ltd.

Yang Liber Industry developes and manufactures Lift Chair Recliners, Lift Seats, Whole Body Periodic Acceleration (WBPA) Rhythm Chair, and WBPA Bed. We also provide OEM and ODM services. Agents and Distributors are welcome!
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Overseas distributor wanted for our variety range of products. We have lift chair, lift seat, passive exercise recliner, passive exercise bed and etc.
2. OEM and ODM services are welcome. If you have anything needs to price first, don't hesitate to email us!
3. Looking for a manufacturer to cooperate with for making you the metal parts or products you want to sell? Why not give us a try!

The One Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

HepatoKeeper herbal essentials
Unique recipe which combined the active ingredients from Paeonia lactiflora, Schisandra chinensis, and Punica granatum to relieve the burden of your life and make your power reenergized
The manufactory is certificated by GMP, ISO, HACCP, HALAL
Pass the plasticizer, pesticides, and heavy metals examination in TAF accredited laboratory in Taiwan.
Triple Cares
Paeoniflorin is abundant in Paeonia lactiflora extract and was documented to improve the hepatic inflammation index and prevent the malignancy and necrosis of hepatocytes in animal studies.
Schisandrin B
Schisandrin B extracted from Schisandra chinensis was reported to prevent the hepatocytes damage from free radical as to cause the hepatocyte apoptosis.
Pomegranate polyphenols
Several functional components are found to be abundant in Punica granatum extract including pomegranate polyphenols, vitamins, and organic acids. The results of animal studies revealed that pomegranate polyphenols prevent the hepatocytes damages from alcohol and chemicals.

The Vibraderlight Bio-Energy Applied Technology Co., Ltd.

QIT, Quantum Induction Therapy, is a latest specialized know-how of healthcare by regulating AFC (Accurate Frequency Codes) corresponding to its specified symptom of human organ without usage of any medicine or eatable healing methods either. Thus, we are proud to introduce a series of start-up products as follows: 1) QIT AFC System. 2) QIT AFC Apparatus. 3) QIT AFC Probe device.


Design & Manufacture of Medical/Pharmaceutical automation technology


titanium tableware(Lunch Box.Chopsticks.Pot.Spoon.Straw...)


1. Professional supplier of functional food materials
2. OEM/ODM service

Top Angle Biotech Corp.

HSP Super Jiasui