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1. Device for Endoscopy (Laparoscopy):
Endoscopic Puncture Needle, Endoscopic Mouthpiece, etc.
2.Safety Device: Winged Infusion Set, Infusion Line.
3.Pumps: Infusion Pump, Syringe Pump.
4. Prefilled Syringe for pharmaceutical companies.
Cooperation projects and needs
1. Distribution Channel- agents on endoscopic & laparoscopic products.
2. Cooperative Relationships -Prefilled Syringe in a new market.

Transcend Medical Corporation

Adronic Multispectral light source
Adronic Medical Endoscope
Adronic Endoscope Video System and Accessories


“TRANS”Infrared Laser Light Irradiation Instrument, use Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) to irradiate the affected area to relieve pain. Wavelength of 660nm can promote wound healing and hair growing. Wavelength of 808、830nm can relieve nerve pain, muscle pain, shoulder pain.
■ Awarded with the Highest Honor for inventors in Asia
“2014 Taipei int’l Invention Show & Technomart.”

“TRANS”UV Light Phototherapy Device uses wavelength of 310nm to irradiate psoriasis and vitiligo.

Triwin Watertec Co., Ltd.

H2-SHARK hydrogen water generator uses hydrogen generator to react with pure water microelectrode to produce pure hydrogen. High-purity hydrogen is passed through a special patented technology to dissolve hydrogen into drinking pure water to make a cup of drinking water containing saturated hydrogen.

Tsaotun Psychiatric Center, Ministry of Health and Welfare

Active Community Psychiatry Service in Tsao-Tun Psychiatric Center
The main service of Active Community Psychiatry in Tsao-Tun Psychiatric Center (TTPC) is based on the unique Community Psychiatric Health Promotion Program (Spring Breeze Program) that integrate health education, home visit treatment, Mobile Medicine Clinics, psychological consultation station, Psychiatric Illness and Suicide Notification Community Care Visit Program and Community Care Quality Improvement Project for Psychiatric Patients .
Through comprehensive cooperation with health centers in 13 townships and Nantou County Government Health Bureau, the “One Township One Team” active services have contributed to public health in Nantou County since 2014.
To increase psychiatric patients’ community adaptability and caregivers' resource and reduce hospitalization, in addition to Mobile Medicine Clinics, TTPC perform evaluation in patients’ homes, in situ emergent assessment and involuntary treatment or admission arrangement. Moreover, the teams assist the health center to promote community mental health by education and consultation, to track discharged patients continuously, and participate in the seminar on mental illness and suicide cases handled by the health centers in Nantou County. Over the past years, the team has gained acclaims from patients, caregivers, public health nurses, health centers and Nantou County Government and won prizes for care quality competition and passed the certification of the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ).

Tseng Hsiang Life Science Ltd.

The development of the biomarkers for translational medicine is a multistep process, and THLS can assist you in each step of process. Using our high-density arrays, researchers with modest budgets can screen for hundreds of potential cytokine biomarker candidates to find the most promising ones for further investigation, much faster than with traditional proteomic methods and at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, the antibodies used in our screening arrays are in most cases identical to those in our multiplex quantitative arrays and single target ELISA kits. This streamlines the workflow for biomarker development, making it faster and more affordable.


Medical care and innovation research and development results
Cooperation projects and needs
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TSH biopharm corporation Itd

TSH’s vision is committed to improving the quality of life of patients with chronic diseases.

Prescription Medicine
TSH focuses on the development of patentable & high barrier specialty drugs with Pharmaco-economic profile. Our culture is working with honesty, integrity, entrepreneurship. We commit and contribute to society by integrating professional methods in science, our innovative mindset, and the team work spirit. Meanwhile, we are going to be a best partner for global pharmaceutical companies in drug developing & Asia marketing expert.

Comprehensive liquid biopsy
TSH liquid biopsy combines the CTC “CMxTM” platform with the next generation sequencing (NGS) “SMSEQTM” platform to form a complete cancer monitoring system.
It can provide a comprehensive liquid biopsy for heredity cancer risk assessment, high risk cancer patients’ screening, druggable genes detection and treatment monitoring.

TTBio Healthcare Inc.

Dental handpiece & Accessories:
Highspeed Handpiece
Lowspeed Handpiece
Maintenance Machine
Service Parts


Easy to use evaluation tool that reacts to radicals and ions through a change of color.
“Visualize The Plasma Process” through gradual changes on a color spectrum based on the strength and duration of plasma treatment.

Super Inkjet printer(SIJ):
◇Super fine patterning
Droplet volume:0.1fl(femtoliter)~10pl(picoliter)
◇Wide range of viscosity
Viscosity range:0.5~10,000cps(non-heated)
◇Large variety of usable fluids

High precision Enzyme dispenser .
Full Automation revision function.

Kyushu semiconductor KAW:
Micro Fluids Chip is made by very small flow channel or reaction container using MEMS technologies above, then those are reserch areas in biotechnology or chemical engineering.

Trace moisture sensor.
In both natural gases and inert gases in PPV.