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CareMore Internatinal Inc.

CareMore International Inc.


With over thirty years of experience, Carilex has established itself as a global leader in the wound care industry by developing state-of-the-art technology for Medical Use Air Mattress and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy. Our expertise in research and development, manufacturing, and quality control and assurance allows us to provide unparalleled products in wound care management in the form of comprehensive product lines proven to prevent and manage pressure sores and wounds. With commitment and constant innovation, Carilex is driven forward by our motto - CARING MAKES THE DIFFERENCE - and continuously delivers the finest products that meet our patients\\\' needs.



CatchGene Co., Ltd.

Existing automated nucleic acid purification systems cannot produce high-quality Eluate fit for Precision Medicine market. Since they have strong disadvantages for recovering cfDNA:
• Low Concentration
• Too Much Inhibitors inside
• Cross-Contamination
Breaking through the existing beads technology, iCATCHER 12 uses membrane column technology instead. And the advantages of iCATCHER 12 are:
• Large Sample Input
• High Purity for Downstream Analysis
• One Sample in One Line
• Easy Set Up

Cathay General Hospital


Center for Genomic Medicine, National Cheng Kung University

TFDA-certified laboratory for maternal-fetal precision medicine The Center for Genomic Medicine (CGM) at National Cheng Kung University has been established for over 20 years and is one of the first genomic centers in Taiwan. Our team is committed to developing laboratory developed tests for genetic diagnosis and screening of maternal-fetal medicine with the quality objectives of “Profession, Excellence, Accuracy and Innovation”. Currently, we have established 14 genetic tests, and not only have all of them been certified by TAF (ISO 17025) in 2021, but we have also been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as “Laboratory Developed Tests and Services (LDTS)” in May 2021, making us the first registered laboratory for genetic testing of maternal-fetal precision medicine in Taiwan and the first LDTS certified laboratory among domestic research institutions. All testing services at the our center are developed by ourselves, from sample collection, data analysis to report, all are done locally in Taiwan. Our one-stop testing service also ensures the accuracy of the test and that the test information will not be leaked, thus protecting the personal information of the participants. We hope that with the recognition of LDTS registration by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, we can provide the quality testing services developed by the Center for Genomic Medicine to the general public. Furthermore, the Center has been actively innovating and developing new AI-assisted identification systems for big data genetic testing programs to significantly improve accuracy and accelerate turn-around time. Among them, the intelligent cOmputing Noble Embryo (icONE) has demonstrated excellent precision in prediction of embryo implantation and has been awarded the 18th National Innovation Award in 2021 in the category of Intelligent Healthcare and Health Technology. In the future, we will devote ourselves to IVF services to help infertile couples and couples trying to conceive to succeed in a single treatment through “intelligent selection” and “precise implantation” , and to realize the core value of precision medicine with a human face. With the belief of “Your beloved, our precious”, we perform each test to the highest standard and provide a complete genetic consultation service, giving genuine trust and security to the people who entrust us with their testing. The Center for Genomic Medicine at National Cheng Kung University will continue to make efforts to transfer and apply its research and development results to clinical testing, so as to contribute to the precision medicine for women and children in Taiwan.

Central Taiwan Science Park

Under the leadership of the Central Science Park, biomedical manufacturers in the central region will be exhibited with minimally invasive medical materials, intelligent aids together. In this exhibition, the biomedical products are the main axis. The medical problem solutions will be presented in a situational manner. Also, the medical materials used in the medical device will be exhibited. This experience is enable Visitors quickly understand the characteristics of various types of medical material products by visual connections. The show will be benefit of the central medical material industry settlement.

ChainHome Biotech Inc.

1. AT M1 filling station
2. Masterflex peristaltic pump display



Chang Gung Medical Foundation

The Chang Gung Medical Foundation was established in 1976 by the founder of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG).The Foundation has since established seven Chang Gung Memorial Hospitals in Taipei, Linkou, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Chiayi, Taoyuan. and Yunlin. The Foundation has also been entrusted by the government to operate Feng-Shan Hospital and Tucheng Hospital, as well as to assist in the operation of Dali Jen-Ai Hospital in Taichung. With more than 32,800 patients treated daily and 10,000 beds, the hospital\\\'s management philosophy is \\\"Benefit mankind with sincerity and diligence.\\\".
Chang Gung Hospital has the ability to care for patients with acute and critical illnesses and has a long history of quality improvement. As a multiple-time SNQ National Gold Award winner, Chang Gung Hospital is committed to maintaining and promoting the health of patients by continuing to innovate and improve quality to meet international standards.
The exhibition will be presented under the four main axes of \\\"Specialty Medical Treatments, Smart Hospital, Innovative R&D, and Public Welfare Glory\\\", including cancer diagnosis, precise targeting treatment, quality of care, and the achievements and applications of medical innovation. The exhibition will showcase the soft power of medical care with a variety of themes and will provide interactive and hands-on experience for the public to learn about the charm of technological treatment.
Chang Gung Medical Foundation\\\'s exhibit topics include:
Specialty Medical Treatments
1. Cell therapy
2. Cutting-edge- Proton Therapy
3. Sports Medicine
4. Minimally invasive surgery
5. IoT
6. Telemedicine
7. Intelligent healthcare assistance
Selected thirteen innovative, clinically applicable patent achievements and Automated dispensing cabinets.
Public Welfare Glory
Award-winning recognition of comprehensive medical and social care.