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D&T Health Corporation

The technology transferred from the Academy of Agricultural Sciences - Salvia miltiorrhiza extraction technology has been experimentally tested to have anti-inflammatory, stimulating melanin growth... and other functions. It is suitable for the development of scalp care products. The combination of Salvia miltiorrhiza extract has dual certifications from the US FDA GRAS and the United States Department of Agriculture USDA, and has been detected by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences as Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides that can stimulate the proliferation of hair follicle cells. This is how Zero2One Luminous Scalp Nourishing Serum developed by Dasheng Biotechnology was born. Senior artist-Xu Nailin is endorsed by personal experience and testimony Director-level TCM physician-Cai Fuguang, physician endorsement of Hanwei TCM Clinic


Noni fruit tea, from Kaohsiung farm, is self-produced and sold. It has been inspected by the Central Animal Husbandry Association to be free from pesticides and heavy metal pollution. The process is sun-dried, baked, and dried to remove odor, and then made into tea bags with a sweet and mellow taste.
Passed HACCP international standard food safety management system certification
Won the Consumer Gold Award and
National Excellent Product Gold Award
And insured Hetai product insurance for 20,000,000 yuan.
Won the 110th Taiwan Top 100 Souvenir Award.

Dacian Technology Material Co., Ltd.

:dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for Kitchen Smoke protection
:dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for Industry Protection
:dc Microparticle Stopper Mask for PM2.5 Protection

Daikso CO., LTD.

Plug and play AI platform Different from the traditional single-purpose and bulky equipment, Daikso uses a common mobile platform and the self-developed \\\"Daikso Box\\\" to connect different medical equipment in series with the same set of devices. It also cooperates with the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine of Chang Gung Memorial Hospitall to obtain data and develop core AI computing components, which can achieve high-accuracy prediction and analysis in different medical fields. The vision of Daikso is that doctors hold light and handy mobile devices, which can be connected to different devices for AI computing assistance; general public can use their mobile phones to analyze and predict the data from previous inspections.

Decentralized Biotechnology Intelligence Co., Ltd.

Use the latest technology AIoT and various micro-sensory devices to integrate people's external movement and internal sensory information and provide integrated information after AI analysis. We strive to build wearable and portable products as a platform for telemedicine, preventive medicine, and exercise management. Through the Internet of Things (IoT) wearable devices, we are able to satisfy all health and exercise management needs and provide the most comfortable and senseless device to produce the most practical health data. We aim to protect the health of you and your family anytime and anywhere and pursue innovative technology and business models that create products that contribute to society as well as enhance the value of our company.

Deep01 Limited

DeepCT: AI detection and analytics software for brain CT images

Animage: Cloud based PACS

Dentway Co.,Ltd

Dentway international dental group is a complete vertical and horizontal oral medical system, including dental hospital, dental clinics, dental laboratory, dental business, medical management, digital medical imaging integration and education center. First Dentway Dental clinic was established in 1989. There are nearly 40 clinics in Taiwan (the northern, central, southern, eastern, remote islands ), and overseas areas including China, Japan, Malaysia, and the United States and. Provide high-quality and professional dental services in the spirit of \\\"service at home and abroad\\\". In 2021, the first dental hospital in Taiwan is established. It has the most complete dental specialty group in Taiwan, with the most advanced dental equipment and the best dental care for patients. There are five centers in the hospital: Dental Implant Center, Orthodontics Center, Maxillofacial Center, Precision Breath Abort Treatment Center, and Beauty Dentistry Center. Integrate 10 specialties of dentistry (Family Dentistry, Pediatric dentistry, Dental Reconstruction, Prosthetics, Endodontics, Periodontology, Orthodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Pathology, and Oral Medicine for Special Needs) to provide personalization precision dental services, and its mission is to become a leader in dental care.


DERFU Co., Ltd. was born with the idea of developing \\

Development Center for Biotechnology

Pharmacology & Drug Disposition
Cell therapy