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G Clinic is a well-known medical care brand which is originated form Japan. Now the G Clinic is owned by Kuangli Bio-Tech Holdings Group. Since Japan has world-wide leading cell therapy application, this significantly influenced Taiwan regenerative medical practice and related regulation as well. G Clinic inherited Dr. Zheng-Wu Zeng experience who has long well practical cell therapy cases in Japan and teamed up with Dr. Chen, Yong Ren medical application experience in Taiwan. By providing the best medical services to our customers, G Clinic not only has Japan and Taiwan also established South East Asia medical team, accompanied medical wearable devices and AI medical technology.

Galaxy Software Services

GSS has been deeply involved in the medical industry for many years and continues to provide e-solutions for the medical industry, from medical evaluation management to data warehousing, medical data analysis, and KPI management. In recent years, GSS has also launched a dialogue service platform, hoping to assist the digital optimization of the medical industry.

Gene Code Biotech Inc.

1. Exosome amplification and service Mammalian cell culture specification customized Exosome purification Exosome Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis Flow Cytometry CD9/CD63/CD81 biomarker analysis Exosome components protein array analysis 2. KeraGo SFM: High efficiency Keratinocyte serum free culture system, proceed cell growth and time-saving 3. mscGo XF medium: Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) cell culture system - maintain MSC properties and specificity


GENE HEALTH CO., LTD. has its roots in genetic technology, providing a comprehensive analysis and testing of your life journey! With genetic technology as the foundation, we are committed to bringing genomics into everyday life through professional, secure, and accurate means, thereby creating innovative models for health management among the new generation. We offer genetic testing services to medical institutions and the public, positioning ourselves as a significant and influential leader in preventive medicine across the Asia-Pacific region.We empower you to create a happier life for your family. Embark on your journey with Gene Health today.

GENE HEALTH Co., Ltd. Yilan Branch

Develop and build a genome sequencing analysis software production line, focusing on the application of fetal genome sequence analysis (such as fetal chromosome screening, chip-based whole genome analysis, preimplantation single gene disease screening, etc.), which can be based on The industry's OpenWDL standardized biological information analysis process design accelerates the data analysis process. Through cloud computing, parallel large-scale data processing and fast computing technology to simplify the calculation and analysis process, the processing performance can be increased by more than 10 times; and it is based on the industry's open standard GA4GH APIs Automatic management and storage of genetic big data. Through the cloud distributed data lake system, it can store huge amounts of data in TB and PB levels, and automatically deploy the database and related process software tools required for analysis and calculation in software containers. , build a complete biological information production line solution required by genetic testing laboratories to achieve process standardization, automation of analysis operations, and large-scale and systematic testing services.

GeneOne Diagnostics Corporation

OEM/ODM cooperation、G1 Dengue Nucleic Acid Diagnostic Kit、Nucleic Acid Extraction reagents

GeneOnline Asia Inc

GeneOnline is a prominent B2B information and media company within the life science sector. Our mission is to catalyze life science business opportunities through B2B exposure and data platforms. We proudly operate as the foremost life science media outlet in Asia, delivering insights into industry trends, and research focal points, and engaging interviews with key opinion leaders in multiple languages.

In addition to our authoritative media presence, we offer a cutting-edge AI-powered industry database that expedites the deal-sourcing processes for life science executives and investors. As a leading biotech media source, we delve deep into the realm of biopharma, featuring comprehensive KOL interviews and the latest reports on market trends and research breakthroughs.

Our target audience encompasses academics, biopharma professionals, and medical experts. Our comprehensive coverage is accessible through multimedia channels in both English and Chinese. Beyond news reporting, we are renowned for hosting international biotech conferences held in various global locations, including the US, Japan, and China. Our expertise lies in conducting insightful interviews with eminent KOLs. For top-tier biotech insights and partnering opportunities, explore our articles and coverage at: https://geneonline.com/.

General Biologicals Corporation (GBC)

General Biologicals Corporation (GBC), founded in 1984, is a developer and manufacturer of diagnostics and pharmaceutical. We develop high quality in-vitro diagnostics for doctors to make clinical decisions in the area of hepatitis, tumor markers, retro virus, fertility, Thyroid, and Steroids.
GBC also also manufactures antimicrobial peptide (AMP), P113, in areas of pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and oral products.

CellBio captures live circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and CTC clusters from whole blood from an automated, high-throughput, high-capacity process that is suited to clinical practice within less than 90 minutes.
With more than 30,000 samples done, the system offers more than 90% capture rate. Recently Fubon Insurance Company in Taiwan has selected patented CellBio solution for their insurance policy holders to screen for cancers.

Products and Services:
1) COVID-19: VTM, RNA Extraction, COVID-19 PCR, COVID-19 Ab ELISA, COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test (Home/Professional)
2) IMMUNOASSAY (ELISA) Products: Providing Hepatitis, Retrovirus, Infectious Disease, Tumor Markers, Thyroid: HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HIV, etc.
4) LIQUID BIOPSY: CellBio a2000 / FX10 and CellBioDx reagents - a technology that captures CTC/ cancer cells in blood
5) RAPID TESTS: COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test (Home/Professional), H.Pylori, HCV Ab Rapid Test
6) CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization): Providing development, optimization, scale up manufacturing solutions
7) IVD Raw Materials development and manufacturing

GeneReach Biotechnology Corp.

CLICK-N-GO, From sample to library
Optimize vaccine program
Enhance biosecurity
Reduce antibiotics usage

GeneReach Biotechnology Corp.

CLICK-N-GO, From sample to library
Optimize vaccine program
Enhance biosecurity
Reduce antibiotics usage