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Turn aisles into usable space and increase storage up to 43%.
Chrome-plated steel units glide effortlessly on snap-together tracks.
Easy assembly – No tools needed. Works on any smooth floor.

ible Technology Inc.

ible Technology is an IOT & wearable device company aiming to protect everyone from harmful airborne substances and create better life with innovative wearable air purifiers.

Airvida E1 is the first wearable ionic air purifier with noise-cancelling earphones in the world. It generates up to 30 million negative ions every 0.6 second to effectively reduce PM2.5, allergens, and viruses breathed in. Its location-based app also provides instant air pollution info wherever we are. The amount of negative ions can be elevated based on the air condition to ensure clean air in wearers' facial area.


ICON INC. is representative of Puritan Medical Products for whole Asia market. Puritan, as a leading manufacturer for swab products globally, can offer a variety of swab and transport system for different kind of fields including diagnostic, forensic, genetics, medical, environmental inspection, critical environment...etc. and Puritan is an over 100 years USA manufacturer.
PurFlock Ultra and HydraFlock are worldwide patented. And the registrations and certificates on TFDA, CFDA, CE, FDA, PMDA, MDSAP, ISO … are available.

ICU Medical B.V., Taiwan Branch

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Plant essential oils can be used on the go: to repel mosquitoes, heal and soothe sleep, etc.

IEI Integration Corp.

IEI is deeply involved in the medical industry. We continuously integrate the latest technologies to develop high quality and reliable nursing cart computers, all-in-one medical panel PCs, AI box PC and other innovative products to provide high-quality medical solutions, create a good working environment for medical personnel, and ensure better medical services for patients.

igus Taiwan Company Ltd.

Medical environments require components that meet the highest hygiene standards. Oil-free, corrosion-resistant sliding bearings and energy systems made of special motion plastics are suitable choices. Motion plastic bearings can be used in X-ray robot arms, laboratory equipment, patient and treatment chairs, hospital beds, and prosthetics. Maintenance-free supply chains can be used to protect and guide cables, which are widely used in operating room equipment, rehabilitation systems, and diagnostic devices. igus components are suitable for clean rooms, resistant to media, quiet, and meet the highest medical requirements.




imedtac enables intelligent healthcare transformation by creating comprehensive solutions that improve operational efficiency and reduce human errors. As an AIoT healthcare expert, imedtac provides a wide range of services, including outpatient and inpatient healthcare, health promotion, clinical services, and smart animal hospital solutions. These services encompass smart operating rooms, telehealth, medication and patient safety, AIoT disinfection solutions, and clinical services, as well as smart animal healthcare.

In-High International Technology Ltd.

We sell traditional Chinese health supplements that can regulate body functions and health preserving. The products include Four Treasures Glue (combination of turtle shell and deer antler), which is considered one of the best Chinese traditional tonics, valued for its ability to promote bone health and regulate body functions. We also sell Monk fruit tea, Notoginseng Ginseng flower tea, Taiwan native chrysanthemum tea, and various gift sets. In addition, We have exclusive distribution rights for Hime Matsutake extract for pets from Japan, which improve appetite and energy levels for sick pets.