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JAG Technology

JAG Technology brings refined medical and healthcare application solutions into the 21st century. With a global vision for industry development, JAG has led and co-ordinated a range of joint venture initiatives across greater China, Japan, and the United States by combining cloud-based internet technology with modern medical and health care systems.Headquartered in Taiwan, JAG Technology focuses on total solution integration planning, supplemented by individual customized services to create added value. JAG leads the industry by applying AI (Artificial Intelligence) for deep learning as a key development tool; similarly, JAG builds on the evolution of the IoT (Internet of Things) to connect various data collection points and devices for advancing real-time healthcare analyses.

Janman Precision Industry Co., Ltd

Since its establishment in 1985, Janman has evolved from a small tooling operation to a full-service, high-precision machining, mold assembly, and plastic injection molding company. Today, Janman’s quick lead times and reputation for reliable service have earned it the recurring business of many well-known companies, particularly in the medical industries, electronics and automotive.
Core Segments:
 Precision Mold Design & Build
 Injection Molding
 Critical Core/ Cavity Steel
 Production Machining
 Tool Manufacturing
Core Markets:
 Medical Equipment
 Medical Parts

JelloX Biotech Inc.

Panoramic Digital Pathology Integration Platform

Jhong Jheng Spine & Orthopedic Hospital

. Orthopedic professional medical treatment: minimally invasive joint reconstruction surgery, lumbar joint treatment and surgery, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative arthritis, joint disease, osteoporosis, total knee replacement, etc. . Spine professional medical treatment: minimally invasive spine surgery, cervical neuropathy, dislocation, deformity, cervical disc herniation, chronic neck pain, thoracic spine disease, herniated Intervertebral Disc, etc. . AI technology: ROSA KNEE robotic arm, MRI, HEPA dust-free facilities in the most advanced operating room, surgical nerve safety monitor, etc. . Featured regenerative medicine: PRP, Enhanced External CounterPulsation,Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) , etc.


JIA JIE BIOMEDICAL - The Leading Brand in Nutritional Supplements with Softshell Turtle
Established in 1995, JIA JIE BIOMEDICAL CO., LTD. is the largest and most prominent brand in nutritional supplements derived from softshell turtles in Taiwan. Over the past 28 years, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the unique constitution of the Taiwanese people, offering health supplements that suit their needs. JIA JIE BIOMEDICAL firmly believes that \\

JianLing Technology Co., Ltd

JianLing’s new “Near Infrared Deep Photothermal Therapy Equipment PHA901,” which uses solar visible light and infrared A to increase the user’s deep-layer body temperature to 38°C-40°C. With exclusive “Water Filter Infrared A” (wIRA) technology, which can restrict the light wavelength around 600nm to 1400nm, remove ultraviolet light harmful to skin and the eyes, and allow beneficial light power penetrates into the mitochondria of the cell. PHA901 is capable of injecting elevated levels of near infrared waves into the body, without fear of producing heat on the skin or cause burns. Inside the capsule, the temperature is maintained at around 32°C. The many benefits of using near infrared waves is widely documented in international research, such as counteracting cancer activity, deep detox, anti-inflammatory features, improving the immune system, metabolic activity, and reducing the production of stress proteins.


4K Microsurgery Camera and Video System scanning workstation Commercial Photography Workstation Microcirculation blood flow tester Industrial/Medical Microscope Inspection System

JingMao Biotech Ltd Company

JingMao Biotech Ltd Company is the company was focusing on clinical diagnostics of Microbiology, POCT, Molecular Biology and Immunology. Our customers are nationwide, including medical centers, local hospitals, private labs, also with the governmental departments.


Product: Golden Healthy Spine and Waist Support Chair Cushion Participate in World Trade Center 2023 4/8~5/1 Japanese Food Exhibition 8/18~8/21 Taipei Food Exhibition 8/25~8/28 Taipei International Vegetarian Exhibition The world\\\'s first graphene energy waist support chair cushion made in Korea will be launched soon

JNL Co., Ltd.

JNL Co., Ltd. focuses on researching and manufacturing medical devices and beauty
equipment (for skin, obesity, scalp), and has been innovative and challenging to be a leader
of the beauty industry for last 20 years.

Technical Development by JNL Co., Ltd.
- Portable complex skin care Device (PCT/Patented)
- Electric Needle Skin Tissue Improvement System (Patented)
- Anti-Wrinkle, Whitening Functional Cosmetics (KFDA Certified)
- Microneedle Roller Structure (Patented)
- Portable Hair Growth Device (Patented)
- Other Domestic & international Patents, Utility Models, and Trademarks acquired, such as
development of Hair Growth Solution

[DERMAROLLER] - 10 Minutes for V-Line Delicate Skin Care
* Detoxification * Anti-aging & Lifting * Nourition
* Moisturizing * Diminishing pores * Whitening
A roller type beauty device with Electroporation (EP) technology which enables skin care nutrients to effectiviely permeate deep into the tissues through innovative Multiple Medium Frequency (MF), NNN(Need No Needle) Technology. Most cosmetic substances (40,000 Dalton) such as Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Oligonucleotide, Peptide and natural ingredients are safely permeated into the deep tissues (Dermis) with no pain and no needles.

[LABAMAROS Touch Screen 8 in 1]
* Promote blood circulation * Supply of oxygen
* Improve moisture absorption * Exfoliation management soothing
* Collagen synthesis regenerating * Elasticity improvement lifting
* Whitening * Pore, acne management
* Vitalization * Hair loss prevention improvement
An aesthetic beauty device with multiple functions in one device equipped with the latest 10.4\\