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This year, Ma-tek provide “Biological sample TEM analysis” and “In-situ liquid TEM analysis” in Expo. Taiwan-Healthcare. Ma-tek can observe all kinds of biological sample in nanoscale structure with TEM. We can recognize virus, observe variety of organelles or particles size distribution for lipid nanoparticles. In situ TEM analysis is very popular these years. Because most biological sample collapse while dehydration. With K-kit, a liquid TEM cell we can observe sample with TEM in liquid phase to keep its structure.

MacKay Medical Foundation The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan MacKay Memorial Hospital

1. 腦部惡性腫瘤局部藥物釋放載體
2. 表面拉曼光譜用於腦脊髓液藥物監測
3. 短合成胜肽及其治療視網膜退化性疾病和/或組織損傷的用途
4. 馬偕醇樟芝
5. 整合性藍芽定位智慧醫療系統
6. 智慧兒童發展評估平台
7. 顯示螢幕之圖形化使用者介面(三)
8. 牙齒控制器用於操作電腦相關裝置
9. 由乳房X 光攝影影像運用機器學習進行自動偵測乳癌病灶之方法
10. 建立運用人工智慧預測成人加護病房敗血症之儀表板
11. 前哨淋巴結AI開發
12. 人工智慧與電子病歷整合 AI心衰竭預防照護

Marketech International Corp.


Maxluck Biotech Co.,Ltd.

Patented technology, milk chromium, which uses bionics to simulate the best state of \\

Meco Technology Co., LTD.

MecoTech Technology, established in 2019, is dedicated to integrating information technology and the healthcare industry. We provide high-quality healthcare information services with a focus on professional and personalized customer experience. Our core offerings include managing smart physical therapy centers, expanding digital therapy for home-based treatment, and providing self-paid medical services. We have developed Youdon, an intelligent physical therapy cellphone app, which utilizes AI prescriptions and active rehabilitation exercises to help patients recover their physical functions rapidly.


MDG Provide Preclinical Integrated Solutions
●Medical Devices Biocompatibility
●Health/Functional Food/Non-traditional Food Ingredients Efficacy, Safety, Stability and Registration
●Pesticides/Environmental Agents Toxicity Tests
●Chemicals Physical/Chemical Properties, Toxicity Tests and Registration
●Pharmaceuticals Toxicity/Batch Examine

Shin Nippon Biomedical Laboratories, Ltd.(SNBL) Taiwan Contact Agent
Preclinical: Contract Preclinical and Analysis Studies
Clinical: Contract Clinical Trials, SMO


MEDICARE PRODUCTS INC. aims to promote the modernization of Taiwan\\\'s health care with sincere enthusiasm. We take \\

Medwel, Inc.

?AIOT Driven Healthcare
Mainly showcasing smart hospital systems, including automated registration, intelligent measurement, and AI diagnostic processes based on CharGPT, to give visitors a deep understanding of the future trend of smart healthcare.

?IOMT & MICT Genius
Showcasing various sizes of Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems and Medical Box Systems, will demonstrate our leading position in the medical information and communication technology (MICT) field to visitors.

Medzoneasia Co., Ltd.

Min-Sheng Smart Medical City was established in 2022, located between Zhong-Zheng Road and Min-Sheng Road in the Taoyuan Train Station business district, and about a 6-minute walk from the train station.
The Smart Medical City intergrades the concepts of artificial intelligence and healthy lifestyle to provide multiple and innovative services including clinics, accommodation, health supplements, etc. Everyone could enjoy the one-stop healthcare via their mobile phones.