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N.D.M.C. Tri-Service General Hospital Penghu Branch.

The 3D printing technology of the medical center level has been introduced to the Penghu Branch of the Tri-Service General Hospital, which is specially applied to preoperative planning and treatment of complex fracture surgery, especially for pelvic, acetabular or comminuted fractures. This allows patients who previously had to be sent to Taiwan to stay on the island for the same treatment. With the assistance of the colleagues in the radiology department, we can quickly obtain finely sliced computer tomography image files and create 3D images through the cloud software of the TSGH. We then use a 3D printer to print out the necessary models for preoperative surgery instructions and clinical planning. This medical center level process has successfully healed dozens of injured Penghu residents with visible effects.


NAGAILEBEN is the 「No.1」 brand in the Japanese market.
We provide high quality uniforms with high functionality.
”Earth Song” is entrusted with the hope that the medical uniforms will be the very environment that connects lives.


NAN PAO INTERNATIONAL BIOTECH CO., LTD. was established in 1975, and was the first spirulina farm in Southern Taiwan.

Nanoray Biotech Co., Ltd.

NanoRay Biotech Co. has been devoted to researches and developments of patented transmission X-ray technology. By generating a monochromatic spectrum with a specific niche of beam energy contributing to higher image contract, lower energy consumption and decreased absorbing dosage for patients, the transmission X-ray tube is able to provide a much safer, faster and more affordable choice in medical imaging, especially in pediatric field. As the world’s first “Made- in- Taiwan” low energy hand X-ray device, Revolux is comprised of the unique transmission X-Ray tube, digital image sensor, imaging software system and a radiation contained housing. Furthermore, Revolux revels not only an elegant appearance but also a high-level safety and protective design which is intended to provide a high-quality environment for patients taking the image. Revolux has been officially approved by USFDA and TFDA. For future application, NanoRay Biotech Co. aims to provide a better healthcare service in the medical needs of children’s bone age diagnosis, bone density detection for both the elderly men and women, early diagnosis for rheumatoid arthritis, as well as hand bone reconstructive surgery.

National Applied Research Laboratories


National Applied Research Laboratories National Laboratory Animal Center

The National Laboratory Animal Center (NLAC) supports the development of biotechnology industry and biomedical research. We serve as an animal breeding and testing environment, pre-clinical evaluation of new drugs and biotechnology products, microbiota-related research and medical devices validation. In the same time, we also support innovation in relation to the 3R principles (Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement), and promote alternative methods and alternative technologies to animal testing. NLAC also provides specialized courses for caretakers, technicians, researchers, facility managers and laboratory animal veterinarian to improve the development of biomedical researches.

National Cheng Kung University Hospital


National Cheng Kung University, Precision Health Chip on System and Application Technology Alliance

The goal of the Guard Patch is to develop a Cardiovascular Disease Detection, Analysis, and Evaluation System-On-Chip and Platform. With such a wearable platform for wireless bio-signal acquisition, the user can access and monitor his physiological condition anytime and anywhere. Therefore, this wireless bio-signal acquisition system will become the guard patch of the user. The new company “Your Health Technology Co., Ltd (Yutech)” is founded by CBIC members in 2019 to provide market production and service for users. Besides, there are many products to be developed including YuGuard (24-hour ECG monitoring patch)、YuSound (Intelligent medical stethoscope)、YuRine (Portable and wireless urine detection system and platform for prevention of cardiovascular disease)、YuCloth (Smart ECG clothing)、YuPet (I-Pet ECG clothing)、YuBelt (ECG monitoring belt on sports)、TriAnswer (Bio-signal acquisition system and platform). The details have been presented in the video (https://youtu.be/jdgV-7rmt5g ).

National Defense Medical Center

1. Drug Delivery Composition, Method Forming The Same And Use Thereof
2. A Deep Learning Model for assisting Diagnosis of Posterior Circulation Ischemic Stroke
3. The development and applications of novel ultra-low-priced and extremely sensitive porous membrane-based SERS substrate
4. Application of Rho-protein technology to improve drug screening efficiency of emerging infectious diseases